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    Like the title says I am seeking advice from seasoned parents. I am going to be a father this July. My 1st, and a Son. My wife tolerates my gun collection and CC ,at least thats the impression I get. She didn't grow up with guns so having them around bothers her a little. I tried to take her to the range and teach her to shoot but the noise scared her and she wanted nothing to do the gun. Even a 22.
    I am going to teach my children about guns at an early age, the question is how early? My wife an I are butting heads over this and he isn't even born yet! How can I ease her fears and how early did you teach your children how to handle weapons. I know I have at least a couple of years to formulate a plan, but no time like the present. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any advice would be helpfull.

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    My wife and I have 5 children. My oldest son is 16, my daughter is 12, my next son is 11 and 5 year old twin boys.

    All of our kids shot their first gun when they were 4 or 5 years old. I helped them of course. In each case, the first gun was and is a little single shot bolt action .22 rifle.

    For a few weeks before the first time I taught them gun safety and all about what a gun can do. They know that it is not a toy and should never be treated as one.

    My oldest now has his own .22 rifle, a Marlin model 60, a Ruger MKII .22 pistol and a Sig P239 in 9mm. Of course I own the pistols but on his 21st birthday, I will transfer ownership of them to him and pay for his carry permit class here in TN.

    Same for all the kids. Each will get to pick out a good carry handgun when they are 16 or 17 and I will buy it, own it until they are of legal age to own it then transfer it to them and pay for their carry permit class.

    Your wife is being unreasonable and stubborn. Not uncommon in mothers to be who did not grow up with guns and only know what they learned from movies and the liberal media. Be as patient as you can with her and try to reason with her.

    I'm not sure what else to tell you other than none of my kids have ever had an AD and they are some of the safest gun handlers I know. Train them early and they really learn it and they retain it.
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    I have a couple younger children and my approach has been in several stages.
    The first stage was teaching them that they exist and that they don't touch unless I and only I hand it to them and tell them it's OK.
    The second stage was when they became curious; I let them help clean them. They learned the rules (check for unloaded when you pick it up, don't point it, finger off trigger, etc) and could hold one.
    When they could mentally focus on something long enough to set the sights and line up the target, we went out with a couple of .22s and shot at some close range targets outside. This was about 5 or 6 years old for my kids.

    If you want some good information, get the Eddie Eagle program from the NRA. It is a good program and will show you what they are teaching younger kids about safety.
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    My parents introduced me to guns at an early age. I have no memory of ever NOT shooting guns. By the time I was 10 I had attended 2 hunter safety courses and received my own shotgun.

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    Mostly common sense with regard to the children. First, keep them locked up until you KNOW you can trust them...even with good kids, that can be a while. Second, teach them that there is no such thing as an unloaded gun and that all your guns are always loaded. Third, get them shooting as early as you can. Age 5 is good for a 22. Lastly, don't assume that the message is delivered. Repeat your safety messages again and again. Boys tend to want to play with guns and you need to make sure he understands the consequences and REMEMBERS them.
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    I was thinking around 6 would be a good age. I already own nice marlin 880 to train him on. I will have to check out the Eddie Eagle stuff as well.

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    Both of my sons have been shooting since age 4. Started them out with BB guns in the back yard. I have about 1/2 dozen weapons in the house, and neither would ever think of touching them if I were not around, because they have seen and been taught what they can do.
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    #1- Teach your wife. Make it paramount or you'll never have any support and your kids might feed off her fear rather than your enthusiasm. Either way, bringing her around even partially is the best stage. My wife never held a gun when we were dating and I bought her a Kahr K9 for our wedding. She now owns the pistol, a rifle and a shotgun and loves the outdoors. It was a long patient road getting there-

    #2- Teach the kids when they are young. Here is my 4-yr old last weekend, his first time shooting. My 8 year old is getting pretty good and the 6 year old daughter is a dead-shot.

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    I started at about 4-5 getting them used to guns. How to safely handle them and care. At age 7-8 I started with letting them shoot.
    Now my oldest is 12 , has hunters safety and is looking forward to hunting this year. Both my kids understand the seriousness of handling guns.
    Teaching them young with airguns and .22 helps alot.
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    Both my kids started shooting my mossberg model 36 at age 4.
    They loved manipulating the bolt and pulling the trigger.My son
    shoots expert while my daughter just plinks with her boyfriend.
    At least they grew up with a healthy respect for the rifles and pistols
    in our house.

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