And that is why I like Taurus....

And that is why I like Taurus....

This is a discussion on And that is why I like Taurus.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have an old PT92, well abused and served me well when I knew nothing about firearms and their care. One of the things I ...

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Thread: And that is why I like Taurus....

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    And that is why I like Taurus....

    I have an old PT92, well abused and served me well when I knew nothing about firearms and their care. One of the things I did years ago was to install adjustable rear sights from a after-market manufacturer (one of only two that make sights specifically for the PT92) and the sight got damaged. I called the manafacturer and I was told to send the rear sight for a free replacement. I was elated and did send it back in Feb. Well after many tries, emails, etc, I never got my replacement back, in fact I can't even get my old ones back to see if I could perform some miracle and fix them. So I gave up and just got mad.

    I just called Taurus, told them I lost my rear sights and asked them if I could buy a rear sight for the PT92. The very nice young lady told me that she wanted to check first if they had them in inventory. I was on hold for 3-5 minutes which leads me to believe that somebody actually had to do a real check (as opposed to computer) and I was informed that yes, they had them. I was asked for name, address and phone number and they are sending me a replacement free of charge! Not even shipping! (OK, I live 3 miles from them, but still...)

    And that is why I like Taurus....

    PS: While on hold, the music played was God Bless The USA and America The Beautiful.
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    Glad it worked out for ya.

    Taurus is like wives, you have to go
    through 2 or 3 until you get the right one.
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    LOL. Nice man! I hope i get that kind of service if one of mine act up.
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    I like them because they work

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    I too am a fan of the bulls. I met a rep at the NRA convention a few years back and told her I had a few Taurus guns. I also metioned that I lost one of the lock keys, which was true, even though I don't use them. She said wait a minute, and went to her table to get me one. There weren't any yet becuase this was the first day and they were late and hadn't set up all their stuff yet. She said i am so sorry, but let me get my purse. She went over and got her purse and took the key off of her personal car keys and handed it to me. She said here take mine, and I'll send you a couple more if you'll give me your address. She did too.

    If this lady was an example of their customer service, then they are sure good.
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    I don't have any customer service stories about Taurus, but that's because I've never needed to use it. My PT99 is solid as a rock after thousands of rounds, and my 605 works flawlessly too. No complaints here!

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    I too had a good experience with Taurus custumer service! About ten years ago, the rear adjustable sight on my Model 94, 9 shot 22lr revolver came apart (my fault) and I could not find the screw and the spring. I called them up and explained my situation and in about a week, I received a brand new adjustable rear sight from Taurus. That is one reason why I like Taurus and the second problems with any of their guns. I'm still kicking my self in the @&& for trading in my PT99.

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    That's good to know because I have been thinking about a snubbie for a BUG
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    I have the 605b, a blue snub nose .357, and it has performed flawlessly. Definitely more than worth it for the money. (I paid $300 here in California)

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    They are fine guns especially the revolvers, and as I just found out, if you buy one this year you get a free year of membership at the NRA. Not really a bad deal, guns and gun support.
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    I've always liked them but a buddy of mine just bought a revolver and the timming was WAY off. Called them up and they said to send it in and it would take 3 to 4 weeks to return. He thought that was awsome but now they've had it 6 weeks and they said they wouldn't get to it for another 2 to 3.
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