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This is a discussion on A message to the men.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; There was a rash of attacks by a sexual predator on a college campus that I worked at years ago. I invited a few students ...

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    There was a rash of attacks by a sexual predator on a college campus that I worked at years ago. I invited a few students to my parents property where we had a private 100 yard range set up.

    I'll never forget this one girl who came out that day. She had never fired a gun in her life so I started her on a .22. From there we worked through a 9mm, a .38, a .40 and evetually my 1911.

    She was amazingly gifted as a shooter and followed instructions to the letter. She handled all of those guns like she had been doing it for years by the end of the day.

    Before we left she was doing double taps, knocking down pins, and sending rapid fire strings into the black at 7 yards. She didn't want to shoot ANYTHING but that 1911 by that point.

    The last time I saw her she told me she had bought one of her own and joined a gun club where she intended to start practicing once a month.

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    My wife's first shot fired was from a S&W 439 9mm. She had fired that and .32, .40, .357SIG, .38 Spl., .380, .357 Mag, 10mm, and .45 before she ever fired a .22. The .22 is fun for plinking, but is not what we practice with. If I were going to start someone who had never been around guns male or female I would start with my S&W 22A. It is heavy and easily absorbs all the recoil of a .22 and the .22 makes almost no noise. Progress from shooting to shooting something more powerful.

    One thing that many of these guys who know guns don't know is how little recoil there is when shooting a full sized 1911 .45ACP. My wife and I agree that of all the semi-automatics we have her .40 has the most uncomfortable recoil. I don't know what it is, but it bothers me more than any other.

    Lima, maybe when one happens like that you can quietly suggest to the young lady that she come back without the boy friend. If she does and likes the bigger caliber you get a sale.

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    I just don't get it.

    If my wife wanted to try an 8 inch howitzer I'd be estatic.

    She's tried my 9mm's at at this point thinks they're too much for her... but she tried it herself. It's how she settled on .380 for now.

    Now if I could just get her to go to the range once in a while... sigh.
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    Last Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) I finally got my mom and sister out to the range. I took everything from the family .22/.410 to my 12 gauge.

    It was scarry how accurate my sis was with a .22 pistol, but from what mom said my 1911 and XD9 and shotgun were a little much for them.

    I should have gotten lighter loads for the shotgun because my sis was really pretty good at busting clays for the first time ever handling anything bigger than my BBgun.

    To date, I'm still trying to find something effective for my mom that won't hurt her as far as recoil (bad back, and mess up wrists thanks to an alcky).
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    Good posted comments to a worthwhile thread.
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    Lima, anybody wants to talk about small wrists show them the pictures of my wife shooting the SIG P239 in .357SIG and the S&W 1066 in 10mm. She has small wrists and handles everything. .357 Mag in my Rossi with a 4" barrel are uncomfortable for her. But she will be shooting her brothers S&W M29 with a 6" barrel with .44 Mag ammo at a family gathering next month. If he or I had a .500 she would try that. The size of the wrists don't matter, the strength does.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

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    my mom comfortably shoots my WASR-10 in 7.62x39 every mothers day with an acceptable degree of accuracy. One of my ex girlfriends was comfortable with no higher than my .30-30 from a bench rest (I didn't have handguns then), but could handle a 12 gauge standing up. It is all relative and shooting postsiton has something to do with it.
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    Women are just as capable of shooting large caliber firearms as the men. I've seen women at the range shooting 500 Smith & Wessons with no problem, while their husbands and boyfriends are put to shame, because they can't handle it like their wives and girlfriends.

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    Had a group at the range today with several young ladies shooting for the first time. One was trying a 9mm Baretta. With only a few basics she was getting some excellent shots at 20'. Then the groups hot shot started in trying to teach her his "right way" of shooting. She ended up sitting off the line seriously miffed because now she couldn't hit the broad side of an elephant and everyone was telling her everything she was doing wrong. I took a break from the line and walked back and had a little talk to encourage her. I told her to first off ignore the hot shot and his advice. Next gave her the bare basics of consistent grip, trigger pull and front sight focus. Told her to worry less about combat modified wammer jammer whatever stance hot shot was trying to get her doing on her first trip and just relax and enjoy shooting like she did her first string. She started hitting again on her next string. I think she'll be back.

    Some guys need to worry less about the macho bad ### stuff and just let her shoot. She might just catch on!

    As for recoil, heck I once saw a little grey haired grannie in her seventies with a .357 nickel plated snub who out shot several police at the range with full house loads. She wasn't even 5' tall but woe to anyone who thought she was an easy target!

    Give 'em hell Limatunes and don't be afraid to encourage the ladies and to (politely) correct the morons.
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    Lima I agree with ya 1000%
    I work at a large NE shop and find the women to have a keen interest in larger caliber shootin irons as well. They're in a mode of the CCW, Cowboy action, amd competitive shooting sports. I say give em all the big guns they want to shoot. my Wife is the very same way, wants to shoot everything I have. When we go to the Machinegun shoots, SHE'S the one I send up to the firing line! I just sit back and watch the guys, with their mouths wide open, in amazment, of how a woman can handle a full auto weapon, not to mention the other stuff as well. LOL.....
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    Well.....I've been learning about handguns for over 10 years. I'm just now figuring out what I really want. No one pushed me or pressured me into anything except the .40S&W and the .45ACP. Don't get me wrong...I like my 1911 in .45ACP...

    Hmph. Sounds like you ran into one of those guys who is scared by women who are smart, strong, self-reliant...and might like a bigger caliber than his! I'm with George (CMG), quietly invite the ladies back, but w/o the ape. Do that a couple of times and you'll soon wish that you were paid on commission, methinks.

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    Too much gun for em? Yeah, right. My girlfriend will shoot almost any gun from .45 ACP to .50 BMG . She hunts with a .300 WSSM and carries a 9mm or a .45 ACP. BTW, my girlfriend is about 115 lb., a persons size does matter as much as some would like to believe.
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    When I take ANYONE shooting for their first time I always recommend my ruger 22. There's really no recoil so they can focus on trigger controll, sight alignment and grip. But they're more than welcome to shoot any gun they want as long as they follow they saftey rules.

    It's all about having fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyghost View Post
    There's really no recoil so they can focus on trigger controll, sight alignment and grip. But they're more than welcome to shoot any gun they want as long as they follow they saftey rules.
    That is what suggestions for .22's are about, IMO. Not about power or control over selection. It's a matter of getting into the sport slowly and safely ... and that's easier to do with smaller, simpler weapons. It's why some folks teach with .22 rifles first, for all the same reasons.

    Good reminder, though, as to who's in control over selection. The lady, of course! Momma always used to say: "You don't need to like everything; just consider trying everything." Yup.
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    Thanks limatunes. You are soooo right.

    One of the first dates my wife and I had (1991) included a trip to the range. She had never handled a weapon before, but wanted to try my carry gun (a Colt Combat Commander) before renting another handgun. I put the first mag through it so she would be used to the noise, then I coached her through it. She didn't even flinch. The first, and every, round landed COM at 7yds. We put the target out to 13yds and all the shots were still in the black. Turns out that she is a "natural shooter" (my Mom is the same way and she is 76 yrs old). She never rented that other handgun, and we ended up putting 200 rds through my trusty Colt, which was a pain because I only brought one spare mag (it was an impromptu trip). Today she carries a S&W 642 loaded with +Ps, and occasionally will fire my Bowen modified Redhawk in .475 Linebaugh!
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