Fun day shooting

Fun day shooting

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Thread: Fun day shooting

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    Fun day shooting

    Took my dad and brother out to the range. We mostly shot .22 pistols and rifles. Since we all own different brands of guns we swapped out and tried each others.
    Dad didn't like the NAA derringer, due to the recoil and his big hands. But he seemed impressed they got 5 rnds in such a little package.
    I got to try out his Beretta Couger 9mm . Nice pistol, his still looks like new , since he doesn't CCW. Also got to shoot my bro's Taurus .22 revo stainless. Not sure what model. Good trigger and sights made spinning the targets easier.
    We all had a good time plinking targets and hanging out.
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    Good day indeed, my twin brother and I went this past Friday,
    had a blast.

    He's a Sergeant in corrections and I'm a Sergeant in LEO.
    His duty weapon is 4" 686 and mine is a Sig P226, I'm always
    giving him grief on that, all in fun.

    He is a fine shot, but could not keep up with me on speed drill's,
    and tactical reloads.

    He always kicks my butt at the 25 yard line.
    I love training with him, we push each other to do better.
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