Question for the cross-dominant shooters

Question for the cross-dominant shooters

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Thread: Question for the cross-dominant shooters

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    Question for the cross-dominant shooters

    I'm trying to teach a young-un to shoot the BB gun. He keeps trying to use his left eye, even though he's right-handed. Which hand should I teach him to shoot with?

    Option 1 (Left) -- This would match the seemingly dominant eye, and is what I'm leaning toward.

    Option 2 (Right) -- This would allow him to use 90+% of the arms in the known world, albeit with a handicap.

    What would you prefer and why? Thanks for your help on this one...


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    I'm right-handed, left-eye dominant. I shoot right-handed and don't have any problems on any weapon. I 'm only slightly left-eye dominant, so I can switch to my right eye when using a scope/etc. without any real issues.

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    I am right handed and strongly left eye dominant.

    Rifle - i use my right eye only, left closed
    shotgun - right eye . I try and keep both open, but it's very tough to ignore my left eye. Both eyes open help with moving targets (clays)
    pistol - aim with left eye, right open. No problem with open (iron) sights, but a red-dot type is SOOooo nice as the dot only is seen by my left eye.

    It works for me.

    As he is right handed, dont try and force him to shoot lefty. It will be tough for him (you try it sometime) and just how tough it is to find a LH revolver or boltgun?

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    I'm left handed and right eye dominant. I normally do all my shooting right-handed. However, I might be a little more reluctant to do the reverse, just because most firearms are set up for right-handers.

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    From an instructor's point of view, if he's strongly left-eye dominant, teaching him to shoot left handed may be a great benefit in the long run, especially in shotgunning. If you want him to shoot right-handed, try masking the left eye with a piece of thin cardboard or stiff paper rubber banded or taped over the left eye of his safety glasses. This should convince his right eye to take over dominance. On old instructor told me all it takes for him is a smear of Vaseline on the left, and his right eye takes over.
    Hope that helps.
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    Like my father and my first son, I am right handed, strongly left eye dominant. First time my father gave me a BB gun I threw it up on my left shoulder and he laughed. The only time it was a problem was in the army when I would forget to get in the firing line foxhole with the other left handers. And, of course, weapons made for "righties".

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    I was cross dominant when I was a kid, and luckily had to wear glasses for a couple years. My dad knew I was cross dominant and would smear chapstick or put scotch-tape on the left lens of my glasses. Long story short,...I'm now right eye dominant. It's not the best option for adults, but for kids it's a pretty good one. Unless of course, they have functional problems with the non-dominant eye like astygmatism. For handguns it's not a big deal but if you want him to learn how to be proficient with long guns you either have to switch eye dominance or teach him to shoot lefty.

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    I'm a righty, but left eyed. I can shoot with my right eye if I keep my left one closed. I'm horrible if I keep both eyes opened. Decided to start keeping my righ eye closed and try shooting with my dominant eye. All my shots are off the the left. Any suggestions?

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    Righty, left eye dominant here, I just shoot lefty. It took a bit to get used to shooting lefty with pistols (rifles were natural) but now I have the advantage of being able to easily swap hands for single handed shooting. I'm more faster/accurate shooting lefty, but I never had the weak hand issues shooting righty.
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