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This is why I practice shooting with one hand.

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Thread: This is why I practice shooting with one hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    LOL... too funny.

    Thanks for sharing the story 0.02.

    I'll make a confession. I am a little nervous about progressing my training. I sometimes feel like I'm not ready and I need to practice more at my level.

    I just recently started shooting one handed and off handed and I was really nervous to do so thinking that I would be just horrible. It was a pleasant surprise that I did just fine.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that my double taps have been pretty darned good, too.

    You really don't know what's going to happen and, yes, you need to be prepared for the time when you could slip with a tool in your hand and impale your own hand and no longer be able to use it.

    In fact, what inspired me to break out of my "shell" (for lack of a better word) was a similar story about someone wounding their hand.

    Practicing with one hand or off hand is just as important as practicing drawing and shooting in general.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope your hand heals well and without incident.

    Get a decent airsoft pistol and train with that, it'll improve your skills dramatically (and Ammo is cheap too... ;o) )
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    Glad you're OK.
    Yes, practice practice practice.

    You never know how exactly you might be forced to get off some decently accurate rounds some fateful future day.
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    Damn, I thought going to San Fran Sicko and Root Canal was the same thing?
    LOL Just kidding.

    No, your right, you/we should always be prepared or injuries in a tactical situation. They are a likely thing to happen, and training is what's going to keep you alive.

    Good post!
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    0.02, that's what you get for working with tools. We should ban those things to protect you from yourself . . . OUCH! Hope it's feeling better. An injury like that is very frustrating. Been there, done that.

    It's a very valid point to make about practicing one hand/weak hand. I always work in some of that when I make a range trip. I've specifically chosen my defensive handguns to be ambidextrous, first of all because I want my young bride, who is a lefty, to be able to handle them easily, but also to facilitate off-hand shooting.
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    Very good points. I practice with both hands and carrying I have one available for each hand.

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    I know I tend to practice mostly two handed shooting, since I do it fairly well. Lately, I have been training a lot with strong hand only and weak hand only in prepartion of attending the Roger's Shooting School. My weak hand is definitely my achilles heal, but I have seen improvement in the past month and hope I will see more after the class. The school has computer controlled pneumatic targets that are only up for a second or less each. You run a series of drills with both hands, strong hand only, and weak hand only at targets ranging from 5 to 20 yards. This should be a great learning experience.

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    I practice one handed shooting with both weak and strong side each range trip.
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    That looks very painful due, especially due to the location and constantly being used.

    Heal quickly,

    In the Pa course I just got back from, students shot 750 rds+/- one handed all day Saturday. One handed skills are covered extensively.

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    Same here 0.02.....I work with my hands a lot too in my job and I have in the past cut either hand. When this happens, i still know I can carry.

    I went as far as buying a left hand holster for my gun so I would be able to carry even if I broke my right arm.

    I practice with both hands when I go to the range. I want to be ready no matter what.
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    Just an update if anyone is interested with how long a deep wound in the palm takes to heal.
    Still hurts, still slightly open between the stitches, healed 75% on the surface, feels tender inside. Hasn't gone septic, I'm taking the antibiotics like a good boy, and leaving the dressing off except for driving etc.
    I'm hoping to remove the stitches myself, don't see why not.

    I changed holsters this week, probably a bad idea, to an IWB weak side cross draw Tuck This. I say 'bad idea' as it's one more change to an already disrupted routine after the injury. But I've practised drawing from it and it's really smooth.

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