Range visit and Ibex initiation!

Range visit and Ibex initiation!

This is a discussion on Range visit and Ibex initiation! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was gonna do this tomorrow but heck - why not put it up now and then, get some shuteye!! Ibex is visting America and ...

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Thread: Range visit and Ibex initiation!

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    Range visit and Ibex initiation!

    I was gonna do this tomorrow but heck - why not put it up now and then, get some shuteye!!

    Ibex is visting America and getting a feel for various areas. Today he was visiting in PA and I have had the pleasure of his company, which included (of course!) a range session!! We have some more time tomorrow before he has to move on, returning to fly back to Frankfurt Friday via Orlando.

    He has not been a shooter really until while in WA state he rented a G19 and put 100 rounds thru that - good start! We built on that today!

    We took ... Sig's 228, 220, 1911 Systema, R9, NAA Mini, M27 Smith, M85 snubby and BFR! Coupla rifles only - the ''plinker'' M60 Marlin, and the FAL. I must deal with sights on that - it was shooting high and off the paper!

    The 226 was on my hip but we didn't shoot that. Oh and BTW - despite the crappy foresight on the Systema - he loved the 1911 and was piling in the hits in the black!!

    We finished - as I so often do - with a blast, plinking the Marlin ....... always a grin maker.

    I think I can safely say - our Ibex enjoyed the day! I will try and twist his arm to post before he leaves on his travels.

    Having arrived - lay out the goods!

    Closer look at the ''goods''. Hardest thing before leaving was being strong enough willed to leave out a lot!!

    This gun had to be fave of the day - 228. He shot this incredibly well - good style, good results. He is a natural.

    Some 38 spl loads were first thru the M27 ... nice and easy - good hits.

    Some of my fave 357 loads put thru - some accuracy shooting at 25 yards. Good results.

    The BFR!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!! Punching big holes in paper with all the joys of heavy recoil

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    Very cool, Chris. Looks like you guys had fun.
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    Awesome!!! Man what a spread, gotta love that recoil! Looks like you were quite the host. Good to see a good time was had.
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    I'd love to see the expression on his face when he touched off that BFR!

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    Looks like a good time was had. Remind me to stop in for a visit if I'm ever up that way!!!!
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    Good show, Chris! Looks like you both had fun...

    One look at your personal armory probably has Ibex making plans for his first purchases...
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    Looks like a good time was had by all!! Glad the visit worked out.

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    Outstanding !!!! Glad a good time was had by all...
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    Good job of spreading the joy.
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    Very neat! I'm glad he had fun and got to experience the range of weaponry before he left.

    Nice pictures, too.

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    Kudo's Chris,

    Looks like Ibex got the "Royal" treatment so to speak. Great pictures, and I'm envious of the selection. I'm interested in what Ibex will have to say overall about this first trip to the states.
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    Grinning at that pic of the BFR....
    Nice post , Chris....
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    Hey guys!

    I'm still at Chris' place, enjoying his most generous hospitality. The trip to the range was indeed (pardon the pun) a blast.

    Somewhere around the weekend, when I'm settled back in at home and I have slept the jet-lag off, I'll do a full write-up of the events, including some more pics. Until then, I'll take a few more looks at Pennsylvania.

    Stay tuned!
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    Great job both Chris and Ibex. Chris is the kind of host I like to visit. One that knows how to make someone feel at home - take him shooting. Ibex, glad you could come visit the USA and look forward to the time when you step off the plane to stay.

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    It really does look like ya'll had a full, and fun, day. Glad you had a chance to look over parts of the country and experience Chris' hospitality. Certainly a good variety of guns try out. Have a safe trip back!
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