National "Celebrate A Warrior" Day

National "Celebrate A Warrior" Day

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Thread: National "Celebrate A Warrior" Day

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    National "Celebrate A Warrior" Day

    National “Celebrate a Warrior” Day

    By Ken Hanson Esq.

    Edited by Jim Irvine and Dean Rieck

    I worry about my children.

    I am only 37 years old, yet I am already worrying about what kind of adults my kids’ generation will be. My generation, by and large, did not fight any wars, as there were no real conflicts when I was growing up. My first recollection of conflict was that some scraggly looking people took a group of American’s hostage for over a year and we did nothing about it. All I remember beyond that is some footage from a small island in the Caribbean that hosted a medical school. I vaguely remember the Falklands and Panama. Next thing I knew the Berlin wall came down and Saddam committed the Mother of All Mistakes. The Great Cold War we were raised to be ready for ended without a whimper.

    Against this backdrop, I am raising children that are not allowed to play dodge ball in gym class, since that would be teaching them violence and aggression.. My kids are forced to go to bullying workshops, and there is “zero tolerance” for them handling bullies in the time-honored fashion. Schools routinely agonize over whether it is okay to give grades to a student when you consider the emotional scarring it might cause to call someone a failure. I cannot understand my daughter’s report cards because all of the grades are like “meets expectations, exceeds expectations, progressing….” Um, so is she doing okay in school? Is this an A, a B…?

    First graders are now taught conflict resolution. “Stop, we have a problem. When you take my toy, it makes me feel angry.” “I see that I have made you angry. I did not want to make you feel……” My wife just finished her Masters in Education and I typed most of her papers from her dictation. I remember thinking to myself, “If I had tried that insane type of stunt, I would not have eaten lunch my whole first grade year”. So my generation, which did not, by and large, engage in any mass conflicts is now forcing large amounts of milquetoast down the throats of our children.

    If somehow a child is having problems, it is the system’s fault. We put together an intervention team and offer additional services to children. If that doesn’t work, the child is probably suffering from some mental disease that was only recently discovered, for which a pill may be given to make it all right. The default mindset is now “It is probably (extraneous source’s) fault. The government/school/police should fix that.”

    When did self-reliance and responsibility for actions become a mindset that should be attacked by the intelligentsia? We have an entire generation of adults right now that first and foremost looks to other people to solve our problems. Divorce rates are sky high, personal bankruptcy is through the roof, our court systems are crippled, we pass laws as fast as they can print them, Katrina was so bad because FEMA didn’t get there to handout $2,000 ATM cards quick enough…. All of these things have one element in common: people are not taking total responsibility for their self.

    You can read the entire article here:

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    Yes. We are systematically programing all natural responses out of our children. As I've said before, soon we will be French.

    I like the "Celebrate a Warrior" Day concept. We need to recognize such warrior behavior as demonstrated by the Professor at Tech who held the door shut to buy time so his students could escape.

    You don't have to be a Rambo, Ninja, Jedi, Navy Seal to be a warrior. You just need the mindset to do what has to be done to combat evil.

    Make no misstake, anytime you defend your family, friends or strangers from an attack whether you are armed or not, you are a warrior.

    "Of every 100 who come, 10 shouldn't be there, 80 are nothing but targets, 9 are real fighters, we are lucky to have them...
    they the Battle make. Ah, but the One . . . One of them is a Warrior... and he will bring the others back."

    Hericletus 500 BCE
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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