Interesting trip to the gun show

Interesting trip to the gun show

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Thread: Interesting trip to the gun show

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    Interesting trip to the gun show

    Before running off to our first little DC gathering here in central FL I stopped by the local gun show for a brick of primers (best prices around so far) and a spare magazine for my Buckmark Bullseye. Holy Toledo! The line to get in was across the parking lot, around the corner and down the entry road a ways. Never seen such a crowd trying to get into this show! Wonder if it's a sign of the times? First few hours of the show and a few dealers said they were selling like hotcakes, hmmmmm.......

    Ran into an LEO while looking at a Model 60 right next to an SP 101 (No, Elcruiser, don't do it, dddooooonnnn'ttttt do it) who was perusing small backups. He really didn't want a 9mm and was looking for .45ACP. I showed him my cleared and tied Micro. Seems he had just returned from a years medical leave after surviving a gun fight with a meth head. Guy was doing his best to beat his GF to death when he showed up and decided the LEO made a great target. Hit him in the femur with a 9mm and rushed him while LEO drew and emptied his 9mm service Glock in his chest. Apparently they all hit and also didn't bother the meth head enough to stop him from engaging in a wrestling match. He carried his own backup in .45, a Glock 36 (I confess to not knowing Glock model #'s since I don't care for them) I think, and delivered a contact shot to the chest which passed through and severed the maniacs spine to end the fight. He said he was converting everything he carried to .45. Not trying to start a caliber war folks, just an interesting conversation! Meth is really, really bad on so many levels. Very sobering to think about.

    Then I find a guy with 7 absolutely mint Colt Mustangs in a case. Darn it! I'm trying to buy us a new home (That reads sailboat for us) and I have to see this! I want one of those worse than a model 60! But in the back of my mind is the conversation I just had.

    Had a good conversation with Sam Andrews as well. He says business for concealed rigs is going through the roof! His custom backlog is long and getting longer. Last time we talked was about 4 months ago and in that time his backlog has become 4 months longer! Better stick with stock designs from him if you're ordering.

    Sam's 10 year old son is now also in the holster business. Sam says the scary thing is his work is just about as good as Dads. No pride there I'm sure. I saw the pictures of his work and Dad and the other holster makers better watch out if Jr sticks with it. The kid is really good! He also has a back log of orders. Maybe I'm in the wrong business?

    All in all here in central Florida firearms seem to be getting mighty popular.....
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    I love gun shows! Whether I buy much or not, there's always an opportunity to have some good conversations, and just to take time to browse. Our local gun show will finally make its return on a monthly basis in June, after a 3 month hiatus to find a new location.

    If nothing else, I almost always can find good deals on ammo.
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