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I finally got my Ruger Gold Label

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Thread: I finally got my Ruger Gold Label

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    Congrats on the fine gun. I bet the dogs are excited. Mine are always excited when they see me holding a gun, so I suspect yours are too.

    I am green with envy. That thing makes my Classic Lion seem like junk.

    I hope to get one when I finish law school.

    The Gold Label is the finest sxs made in the US since the Model 21 IMO. I want one sooooo bad I can't stand it, but it will have to wait.
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    Range Report!

    I took it out and shot a couple of rounds of skeet today. Wind was howling around here again, but as I don't need an excuse to shoot lousy, it didn't matter.

    The gun comes to the shoulder naturally and the stock fits me well, not unlike the Red Label I have. The gun is light and swings easily, but it doesn't seem whippy. The recoil is fine on the light 1 oz loads in 8 shot, but damn it is stout in the heavier 1.5 oz pheasant loads. As the gun weighs 6.25 lbs that is to be expected. When hunting with those heavy loads for pheasant, it will be carried way more than it will be shot, so it should make up for the punch after 5 hours of stomping fields with it in your hands.

    I did quite well with it, as good as with my other sxs when it isn't windy. It ejected every empty with authority, but didn't bounce them off my forehead like the Red Label does. As there was only two of us shooting the round, the barrels got warm. The second round I shot by myself using various different loads and I used a leather barrel guard I bought in Spain a few years ago. It worked well and didn't notice the barrel at all. (I will take that dove hunting!) It was easy to clean afterwards as it didn't have alot of crud in the action. It seemed cleaner than the other double I shot one round with and cleaned right after I cleaned the Ruger.

    All in all I am quite pleased with it. The hunting fields will tell next fall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorizo;
    I finally got one! The wife promised to pay for a Ruger Gold Label SXS if I could find one. Scored yesterday. It has been a hectic 2 months with buying a new home, moving, preping the old home and selling it. One more load of things from the old house and I am done (well at least done getting it here). The shotgun is a nice reward for all of the work. Pics.....Of course! I don't want Darth Vadar after me.
    VERY nice! Our local gunshop has had one on backorder for 2 yrs now.
    Why is it that you always find things at the last place you looked?
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    Good luck with it, I sure love mine. The loose break takes some getting used too and I don't like the auto set safety - I've seen more than one bird go sailing blissfully away because of it. One of these days I'll have it removed.
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