Old Ammo Disposal

Old Ammo Disposal

This is a discussion on Old Ammo Disposal within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have some old .270 Winchester Ammo (circa 1990), and I no longer own a .270. I don't know anyone with a .270 either. How ...

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Thread: Old Ammo Disposal

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    Old Ammo Disposal

    I have some old .270 Winchester Ammo (circa 1990), and I no longer own a .270. I don't know anyone with a .270 either.

    How would you go about disposal of this old ammo?

    Any Mainers who want it are welcome to it. It's only about 20 rounds, or so. It's been kept clean and dry, indoors.

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    If you have a kinetic bullet puller then it can be dissassembled.

    I would tho myself with just that small qty - tuck it away in a corner for a rainy day ... it will keep for ages and just might be handy to have one day - for someone!
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    Keep it. Sooner or later someone's gonna come along that'l get some use from it.

    Far as being old goes, it ought to be good to go for another 30 years stored as you describe. I recall shooting WW1 ammo in a DCM Springfield in 1960..........never a failure.

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    Old ammo

    Disassemble and spread the powder in the garden. Gardens love nitrates
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    If you do not have a bullet puller.

    Clamp the bullet into a vice.
    Vice grips will usually work also.

    Note: - Do Not clamp the brass cartridge case - only clamp the exposed bullet!

    Wiggle the brass cartridge case back and forth a few times.

    The clamped bullet should come right out of the cartridge case after a few back and forth motions.

    Empty the powder from the cartridge case into anything that will hold it.

    Squeeze a few drops of household oil into the now empty brass cartridge case to neutralize the primer.

    Toss the cartridge case and the scrunched bullet into the trash.

    Sprinkle the accumulated powder out onto the lawn.
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    Keep the ammo for gun show trading stock.

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    I always keep old ammo, If I have 1 round that means I need to buy another gun. I now need a 7mm Mag, 30-06, 45-70, 38-40, 38 special, 357 mag, 12 ga shotgun. These are needs cause I have ammo, I also have wants but no ammo.

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    Some how I came into possession of 100 rounds of WWB 9mm. I have no idea how it got there as I have no 9mm's, and only know one person that owns one, and we haven't shot in nearly six months.

    I know I didn't buy it. Maybe it is about time to pick up that BHP I have been pining over.
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    I put them in a can of old oil and them bury them in the country. Steve48

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    Yep, keep it until someone can use it.

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