I have owned a Taurus PT-145 which had the Heinie sights on them, and the quality of those sights, summed up in one word, disgusting.

They just weren't cut evenly and you could visibly see it. I read on Heinie's website that Taurus is making the 24/7 sights under contract, so that could explain it since Heinie seems to have a fair reputation, and Taurus.. well, so-so.

I was looking at pictures of the PT-1911 because I'm thinking about selling my P40 and buying one. I found a photo of the sights, and noticed that the rear sight in this picture seemed to have poor quality machining as well... does Taurus make these sights too or should I just plan on getting another set anyway? I would like to get a set of adjustable sights, with tritium inserts if possible. Does anyone make those?