Remember to check your chambers before travelling

Remember to check your chambers before travelling

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Thread: Remember to check your chambers before travelling

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    Exclamation Remember to check your chambers before travelling

    Well, I am feeling like a big ole idiot right now. I spent the holiday at the parent's house, and since I don't leave any firearms in my apartment when I leave overnight, they all made the trip with me. I decided to swap out my Coachgun for my Mossberg Persuader while home. So I stoked up the mag on it and left it in my bedroom for the nights I was home, then before I made the drive up, cycled the slide what I thought was 9 times (1 extra to be sure), for some reason closed the action, put it in its case, put the case in the truck bed, and drove up to school.

    Well tonight I pulled the shotgun out of its case to load up, and when I cycled the action a green shell of 00 popped out. I guess that I short stroked a pump. Should have left it open, should have visually and physically checked the chamber.

    The shell didn't go off or anything, but it scared the heck outta me when I discovered that my "empty" shotgun was not so.

    So, just a reminder so you don't embarass yourselves and feel like a big idiot even if no one saw ya, make sure your chambers are clear before you put a firearm into any type of storage. If you can leave the chamber open and always check to make sure that your firearm is indeed empty.
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    I feel your pain, I did the same thing with my 1911 a week ago. I dropped the mag and never cycled the action. Sure does get your attention again to see that shell pop out of an 'empty' gun. Thanks for another reminder, we all need them every now and again.
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    I had an ''episode'' with my Mossy 500C ... used round #1 to dispatch a snake - but hey - there was round #2 in mag. Hmmm .. racked it without visual check as I went to put it away - pulled trigger to relax springs and boom!!!

    Fortunately rule #2 saved the day - but the egg on my face took some cleanin' off
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye07 View Post
    ... when I cycled the action a green shell of 00 popped out.
    BTDT, on a couple of occasions. That's plenty. Rooting around in the chamber and magazine area proves an invaluable use of the little finger. Always wondered what that thing was for.
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    I almost did this with Dad's glock on saturday. I had put the mag in and had the sslide down, I chambered a round (backwards) to clear it before dropping the mag full of Black Talons. I was about to break it down when I decided to Re-check it, I found the round before I pulled the trigger to break it down.

    I love my MP for this reason, Pulling the trigger to break it down scares me.

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    Except during a hunt, I leave the action open on my pump shotguns.

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    I had that happen to me at the range.

    I had a double feed jam and didn't know it. I dropped the mag and racked the slide to clear the jam and assumed because a round ejected and because the magazine was out that the gun was empty.

    However, I have a rule that I never put down a gun without an open chamber and so I racked the slide again to lock it back and was VERY surprised to see another round spit out.

    It is nerve racking to see that a gun you though was empty is not really empty.

    Let me tell you, I check two or three or four times before I assume I'm holding an empty gun.

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    I always check before putting firearms away. I alway check when taking firearms out. Imagine my surprise when I took my 1911A1 out of the safe and racked the slide on what I "knew" was and empty pistol. I round came flying out of the chamber.

    Always treat every firearm like it is loaded.
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    I fortunately have not done that yet. I always visually check the chamber and mag well for anything when I am clearing a firearm of any kind. Especially if I am hand the firearm to someone or storing it.

    Like I believe and always tell my wife. If you have any doubt about whether a firearm is loaded or not. ALWAYS visaully check the chamber and mag well.
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    Always check the tube!! Steve48

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    I bet such things have happened to a lot of us. One of my shooting instructors once said of those that handle and shoot firearms a lot, there are two kinds of people, those that have have a UD and those that are going to.

    Well, that may be an overstatement, but it does make the point. We see that we can think we're doing everything right and can still make a mistake. Sxxx (Stuff, what were you thinking) happens. Thank goodness the "rules" provide robustness and some safety redunancy.
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    The only time you know a gun is empty is the very second you are seeing the empty chamber and empty mag well. Not even five seconds later when you forgot that you DID load the thing again.

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