Oops, right down her shirt!!

Oops, right down her shirt!!

This is a discussion on Oops, right down her shirt!! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I went by the range yesterday to get a little more practice in. The range was full, I got the last spot and when I ...

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    Oops, right down her shirt!!

    I went by the range yesterday to get a little more practice in. The range was full, I got the last spot and when I was getting set up I heard horrific screams coming from two spots down from me. As I look up to see what is going on, this very nice looking blond lady who looks to be about 25 or so is dressed very nice in a dressy top (tube top I think they call it) that doesn't go over her shoulders or arms at all, just hangs on her torso right above her.....well you get the picture. She had fired a round and guess what was burning hot and ended up right down the front of her shirt. I know I shouldn't make lite of the sutuation, but she was trying to come out of that shirt as fast as she could and her boyfriend/husband was working equally as hard to keep her in it!
    She ended up grabbing the top and stretching it WAY out while he dug in there to retrieve the casing!

    I've got to giver her credit though, she laughed it off, got another shirt to put on over that one and kept on shooting. I'm guessing she'll dress for shooting next time.


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    I've seen this happen, very scary when the woman gets upset and panics while still holding a loaded gun.

    My wife wears high neck t.shirts at the range, fashion is for elsewhere.

    Good thread, may serve as a lesson or reminder to some.

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    This happened to my wife when she was qualifying for her CCW. The range officer was extremely impressed with her, as she kept her finger off the trigger, and the muzzle pointed down range the entire time. I think all the guys were hoping she would strip down, but she kept her cool and left with a little burn mark down her shirt.

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    Certainly - when it comes to ladies on the range - skimpy/fashion garments are not wise. Even the humble .22 is hot enough, momentarily to be unpleasant against skin.

    High neck for sure is way to go - and it usually takes a shooter with some experience to deal with the hot-case-syndrome without waving their gun around.
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    I was running an IDPA course and had a spent caseing hit the underside of my hat brim and land between my glasses and eyebrow.

    My wife had a .30 carbine case bounce off her head and roll down the back of her shirt. She just shook her shirt out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmaycraft View Post
    I'm guessing she'll dress for shooting next time.

    Or at least use a revolver

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    At my local range we had a woman get a casing down her shirt and she ended up shooting herself in the leg.
    Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway.

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    About a week ago that happened to me at the rifle range. A few slots left, a fellow with an AK-47 was shooting and I don't recall any AK launching brass that high/far, but eventually one ended up down the back of my pants. According to my dad, I "yelped like a dog" and jumped to high heaven.

    Last time dad and I went shooting he ended up with some hot brass between his feet and sandals.

    We both wear proper coverage while shooting now.


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    I have had a few .308 and 30/06 down my shooting jacket before, thats no fun. One time it happened on the line at Camp Perry, I had to hold my position until the line was cleared, by that time the brass was cooled.
    I have also had my fair share of pistol brass in between my shooting glasses and nose, but at least that can be fixed in a hurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmaycraft View Post
    ...she was trying to come out of that shirt as fast as she could...
    This post is useless without pictures!
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    Like Sixto, I have had a few hot brass down my shooting jacket, ect. Burned my right arm good with several 5.56 brass on the line once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaScout View Post
    This post is useless without pictures!
    Glad someone else said it before I did :-)
    For MN specific carry information and a great shooting community, check out forum.twincitiescarry.com

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    These kinds of things scare me a lot. Somebody has to be pretty cool-headed to not blindly touch the next round off while being cooked by a piece of brass.
    I have to pay attention to this kind of thing when I'm shooting - I try a lot of different guns and loads at home, and my wife will often stand just behind me to see how the gun is running. A couple of times with new guns, we've found that the brass comes right back over my shoulder. She has learned that cleavage is not always a good thing...but at least she's not holding a loaded firearm.

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    I had a 9mm hit me in the bend of the arm. Your natural reaction is to pull away, I did and the brass stuck to both my bicep and forearm when I did. I had a small double scar for about a month after.

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    I've had that happen.....well, not while wearing a tube top.

    I've had them behind my glasses, down the front & back of my shirt & I had one get caught between my shirt cuff & wrist.
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