How come there is no .45acp version of the 92fs?

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Thread: How come there is no .45acp version of the 92fs?

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    How come there is no .45acp version of the 92fs?

    awright, ladies and gents who are technically inclined amongst us... how come the 92FS was never made in the .45 ACP permutation? is the open top, operation of the this pistol never conducive or robust enough to handle the 45ACP? is there a mechanical/technical reason for this? or did the company did not want to make such a version to make a complete break w/ the .45 acp tradition in our armed forces and instead started anew with 9 mm.

    it would seem to me the criticism of the Armed Services with the 92FS seem to stem from the 9mm ball ammo instead of the flatform that it is fired from. I personally learned to shoot with the Beretta 9mm and I love the operation/ergonomics of the pistol. so, why not a 45 version?
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    I'm guessing they would need an all new frame to accommodate the longer OAL of the .45 ACP cartridge. The .45 market is pretty crowded and Beretta probably never felt there was enough demand to go to all that trouble.
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    New frame would be the main thing the Beretta is aweful fat as it is could you see how fat it owuld be double stack 45

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    Locking block design probably can't handle the .45 acp. I broke two at about 2500 rounds in my 92.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokewagon View Post
    Locking block design probably can't handle the .45 acp. I broke two at about 2500 rounds in my 92.
    That'd be my guess.
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    Remember, the 92-series was purpose built to be a 9mm. To be be made in .45 ACP, it would have required the gun to be lengthened and enlarged to fit the .45.

    According to someone much more seasoned on the Beretta, former Beretta USA employee Todd Lewis Green (now with SIGARMS), on his old Beretta-L discussion site, the M9's locking block is rated up to 22,000 rounds of NATO spec (up to 9mm +P+ in pressure) ammo before needing replacement....I know of folks on the Beretta Forum that have fired lots and lots and lots of +P and +P+ 9mm through their 92's and have only swapped broken/cracked blocks.

    Smokewagon...that's bad news! Have you contacted Beretta about that? I recall reading some gun rag where a writer described a rash of bad Beretta locking blocks shearing and cracking.

    I think the locking block would handle a .45 ACP....but I'm sure it's too small for a hypothetical .45 ACP "92."
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    Beretta, unfortunately, is putting all their 45 eggs in one basket called the Px4. It is due out in coming months. I'm a Beretta 90-two (92fs) owner and the complete Px4 line has no appeal to me at all. The Px4 line is basically a polymer old style Cougar which has the rotating barrel. IMHO, Beretta once again missed the boat developing a polymer pistol line. The 90-two/92/96 is classic Beretta. The Px4 is.....well I'll leave that up to you to decide. I guess the 90-two will be the only Beretta I will own, due to my last purchase being a HK USP compact 9mm and my next purchase will be the new HK45. Sorry Beretta, but you have nothing else I want.

    BTW, If you are in the market for a full size 9mm or .40 cal pistol, the Beretta 90-two is hard to beat. As srfl said, the 92 series was built to be 9mm. The new 90-two was built to be .40 cal but available in 9mm.

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