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This is a discussion on Let's all go to the movies within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I know what you mean Euc... "When someone hands me a cleared weapon butt first I return a cleared weapon butt first" I'm that type ...

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Thread: Let's all go to the movies

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    I know what you mean Euc...
    "When someone hands me a cleared weapon butt first I return a cleared weapon butt first"
    I'm that type of guy who respects your safety, as you do mine. That's why we clear the weapon, either by opening the cylinder, or clear the weapon and drop the mag, look inside then then hand the weapon, butt first. It's the correct thing to do. It's also common courtousy to do that
    I think that some of the Movie watchers think they know how to handle a weapon, by the way they see it on the silver screen. I just love seeing Sly Stalone handle that M60 with one arm. LOL...Gawwwwd, I tried that once with my Maramont.. darn near gave me a double hernia!! The Uzi's a lot of fun one-handed, but still needs control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    I've learn to expect most gun store employees will not properly clear it first. They're worst about semiautomatics. Sure they open the chamber but they fail to eject the magazine first.
    No need if you can visually inspect the magazine in the same step as checking the chamber.
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    Ever seen that video of the DEA agent shooting himself?

    I want the magazine removed first. I don't want to be that guy.

    Besides, I like to see the magazine, and load it and eject it once or twice to see how smooth it is.

    My personal habit has always been to drop the magazine and then clear the chamber, and hand the firearm over butt first with the slide locked back.

    That way I have triple redundant safety of a sort, and it sets it up to let the other person play with the controls.

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    Dawn of the Dead is GREAT. My favorite parts are in the beginning when the S is H'ing TF (all the car wrecks, explosions, etc.), and when they are playing "Hollywood Squares" from the rooftops.

    I haven't watched in in awhile, can't remember most of the characters names, but for the most part I found the gun choices relatively appropriate, that "gangsta" guy with the chrome Beretta 92 (although a Bryco might have been more believeable, he wouldn't have been caught dead with anything non-chrome). What I found less believable was the mall security guys being armed at all.

    I never saw that second "Charlie's Angels" flick, thank God, but I rememer seing the previews with Demi Moore firing a gold Desert Eagle in each hand. That was just waay too much. It's bad enough that they want me to believe that anyone could do that effectively, but a slightly-built woman? And they way they shot it, those DE's looked even bigger than they really are.
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    :AR15firin I liked the shootout in Heat. :AR15firin Reloads. :AR15firin Use of cover. :AR15firin Fire and move. :AR15firin I especially liked the way Val Kilmer didn't hesitate. :AR15firin As soon as he saw Pachino and company, he was launching lead. :AR15firin The one thing I didn't like was when the police shot out the tire in the getaway car, there was a big flash in the wheel well. (is there anything in the front wheelwell of a car that would do that if struck by a bullet?). :AR15firin Liked the sound of the bullets hitting the car bodies. :AR15firin

    Of course, the scene where Pachino killed DeNiro was a little much. I would not have expected DeNiro, who seemed like the kind of guy who covered all risks (remember the money drop at the drive-in theater?) to just step clear of the blockhouse to take the shot at Pachino. Pachino should have had no chance of surviving that exchange. He wouldn't have seen DeNiro's shadow and if he had, he would not have had nicely backlit target at which to shoot. If DeNiro had taken the shot from a kneeling position with just the minimum amount of himself exposed that was necessary to take the shot, Pachino would still be standing there today, wondering where DeNiro was.
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    that new series 'kojak' had some bad guy toting around a handheld mini-gun.

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    Latest Movie gun insanity I saw was in "Mindhunters" (actually a pretty decent flick, much better than the reviews would lead you to believe). All the characters are armed with Taurus 9mm PT's (I can tell from the safeties during close ups) they get from Navy equipment lockers (no, wait, it gets better), except for one guy who is carrying a Glock. He runs out of ammo, reaches a dead guy's gun, drops the mag and inserts it into his gun. I mean, will a Beretta/Taurus mag even fit into a Glock, let alone lock into place and feed a round?!? I don't think so.

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