"New" Pistol

"New" Pistol

This is a discussion on "New" Pistol within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've been thinking of picking one of these up for a while now and I finally did it. Now I'm just waiting on the ammo ...

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Thread: "New" Pistol

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    "New" Pistol

    I've been thinking of picking one of these up for a while now and I finally did it. Now I'm just waiting on the ammo to show up.


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    If I remember the 7.62x25mm round has better penatration than the civillian verison of the 5.7mm. Plus the Cz52 is a reliable pistol. You could do much worse.
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    I got one a few weeks ago and I must say, it's a gas. The sights leave a lot to be desired, but otherwise, it's a cool gun that's cheap to shoot. Make sure you clean it well with a ammonia/water solution after shooting corrosive ammo.

    Enjoy your new toy!


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    Got mine last week, added the grips and new forged firing pin.

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    I've owned one for about 5 years now and I personally regard it as a "keeper".

    Certainly the sights are not of S&W target quality, but they are in fact superior to those on the issued GI .45 auto! You'll find that 52s are actually quite accurate and really flat shooting. I kept mine strictly stock and being aware of the brittle firing pin issue I just avoid dropping the hammer on an empty chamber.

    S&B ammo shoots reasonably well, the surplus stuff in my experience has been pretty hit and miss in terms of reliability tho. Just how corrosive the stuff may be I am not sure, don't want to find out so any use of it is followed by the soapy HOT water routine.

    For those of you that handload, Grafs sells whats apparently Starline brass. Commercial bullets such as the Hornady XTP hollow points are available and really work well (that bullet over 8.0 of Blue dot's utterly "smoke" a garbage can raiding coon!

    Best handload I've come up with is 7.5 of BD over a cast 100 gr Lee, sized .308 and lubed with Javelina brand Alox(yeah, I know .311s supposed to be the number!)....mine'l cut one ragged hold at 15 yards....but finding the brass is something else again.

    If you are something of a tinkerer you can substantially improve the trigger pull, but you gotta be careful. Some very light stoning of the sear on mine resulted in a very acceptable 4.0 lbs of crisp release.

    One thing I've noticed is that if the safety/decock lever on mine is not firmly in the safe position I will get hammer follow thru as the decock is engaged....gotta break that down & see If I can adjust it slightly.....No follow thru is occuring in either fire/safe positions when properly engaged tho. Still, I really would NOT trust that decock entirely even tho I have never had an AD with my gun.

    Enjoy your new toy, its a great deal both price and quality wise. Where else can you get a fully machined semi for that kind of price nowadays.....just imagine, if the gun had been designed with a DA feature it'd likely sell for triple or more its going price.

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