Range report for new rifles

Range report for new rifles

This is a discussion on Range report for new rifles within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, I finally got out to the outdoor rifle range here to shoot both my new M44 and K98. I put about 50 rounds through ...

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Thread: Range report for new rifles

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    Range report for new rifles

    Well, I finally got out to the outdoor rifle range here to shoot both my new M44 and K98. I put about 50 rounds through each (yeah, thats over 100 rounds of .30 cal military loads with metal buttplates), and here are my impressions.

    M44 - Bolt was a little stiff to work, but got easier the more I got used to it. With the bayonet extended I was actually getting 3 shot groups to touch from benchrest at 50 yards. From offhand Iwas getting 5 shots into a 4-5 inch area at the same range. Overall a blast to shoot (and the hot dogs I cooked on the bayonet were delicious.) I am very comfortable with this rifle as a truck gun. Certainly gets noticed on the range too.

    German K98 - The bolt on this rifle was like apples and oranges compared to the M44. Very quick and smooth, seemed like I could get a new round in before I thought about it. The bolt action on it really was awesome, not much else I can say about it. The rifle seemed to shoot a bit high from both standing and offhand, and I was actually able to get better groups with th M44 from both positions. I actually think the kick was a little more stiff from the K98, and the gunshot had a deeper sound to it, which was also cool. A sling might have helped with accuracy, but I haven't gotten one yet.

    Both performed well, with no misfires or loading problems. Both were a blast to shoot. I'd reccomend them to someone looking for a cheap fun rifle to shoot. Just have to make sure and do a good job cleaning them to get all the stuff from the corrosive ammo out.

    Then the 25 yard pistol range was a different story I won't go into.
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    My M38 bolt was and still is quite tight/stiff to operate - it may ease further but I seem to adapt to it over several rounds.

    I used to have a nice K98 way back - rechambered in .308 actually and that was a dream of a rifle. Had I been able to easily import that it'd have come over with me.

    I do tho still find the Mauser bolts a tad ''sloppy'' when open and only seem to really tighten up when locked up - by contrast the Enfield type bolt is pretty firm thru all its travel.

    Great tho eh, these old milsurps ... hard to beat them for value and if post corrosive ammo cleaning done adequately then they'll last well.

    Get what milsurp ammo you can find as it seems imports are drying up. Let me copy and paste a post (by dstorm1911) made on THR re' milsurp ammo - initially it was answering a question re 7.62 x 39 shortages.

    There are millions of cases, no looking required, sitting in Bosnia. The problem is the BATF here isn't approving the form 6s to import surplus ammo....... Importers have had already approved form 6s canceled with huge loses of $$ so nobody is taking the chance and most of the Nato member countries have now placed laws in effect prohibiting the export of any military surplus ammo from theire countries to anything but legitimate government Armies as part of the UNs crack down on the huge stockpiles of surplus ammo being used by "terrorist" etc.... if ya didn't already stock up then your pretty much either at the mercy of commercial ammo makers or ya needa get heavy into reloading, I was in Bosnia repping for a large importer last year when 120 million rnds of 8 mm got bought by the UN to be destroyed and that was only a fraction of what was available there are "caves" the size of aircraft hangers full of the stuff as well as 7.62x39 etc... as soon as I got home I bought the last 3 pallets of 50s Yugo Century had or ever will get.... By the time it gets low I will have gotten that caliber up to full speed for loading right now am accumulating brass for 7.62x39

    For those who think the war in Aphgan and Iraq are the reasons for ammo prices heres something to consider, the Chinese have billions of rnds of surplus ammo sitting in warehouses and caves as do ALL of the former Warsaw pact countries it cannot be imported into the USA because it is steel core however there is nothing preventing any of it from being used in other countries such as Iraq and Afgan etc... and it does get used as its sold on the world surplus market millions of rounds per day so why would Wolf etc... be the only ammo supplier being used? The prices are being jacked up simply because Americans have shown they are willing to pay the higher prices...... but they can't exactly tell ya that that might trigger Americans into refusing to pay the higher prices so instead ya are told the prices are the result of raw material costs or supplying Iraq and Afgan etc..... in the meanwhile billions of rnds of Surplus from all these other countries are being sold and traded etc.....

    15 years running around the world visiting arsenals and looking at ammo stockpiles right up to last year has pretty much shown me how lil we can trust what the commercial ammo manufacturers want to tell us...... but it doesn't change the availability here at home and now with the BATF not approving form 6s (our governments way of appeasing the UN without "pissin off" the voters by openly going along with the UNs demands, as it requires no vote no lobbying etc... the BATF has sole descretion when it comes to approving a form 6 for import of ammo or gun parts etc... and without the form 6 it can't be imported no appeal either as they don't have to give any reason for denying a form 6, Importers are trying to fight this new trend but its falling on deaf ears as who do ya complain to...... we have a republican president who cannot be re-elected isn't he sposed to be the one to look out for our Second amendment rights? About the only way to convince the BATF to get back into approving the form 6s is by the pres callin up the director and tellin him he needs to start gettin em approved but.... not much ya can use for pressure to get the current Pres to do so......... re-election isn't an issue and if we get Democrats in in 08 do ya think Hillary is going to call up the director and tell him he better start approving the form 6s to get more ammo imported into the USA or do ya think they are gonna wanna follow even closer to what the UN wishes are? Get a Grass roots non-proffesional politition in for pres? O.K so do ya really see that happening in the next 15 or so years? And if by some miricle it did happen do ya think callin up the BATF director his/her first week would be at the top of the agenda?

    Either stock up on reloading supplies OR build ya some really pretty wall displays to put the guns ya can no longer shoot in so they can at least be used as ornaments cause they really don't make very good clubs and while some are o.k as garden stakes they don't serve well as fence posts
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    Well that just sucks, personally i have no rifle, and no stored ammo. I juts got into the shooting game when i left NJ. I have just started saving for a rifle, etc and now no more surplus ammo.
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    Try the Mosin's bolt after about 100 rounds, it starts getting really "sticky"...lol. Also the hot cosmoline dripping from the creases of the gun also makes for great fun. I love my K98's and Mosins, great cheap fun. I just bought 10 cases of ammo from aimsurplus, just b/c I have a feeling that the 7.62x54R is starting to dry up.

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    What about Canada?
    I know they still have SOME gun rights and they can buy a few things we cant (Like Norinco stuff).
    Is it legal for an American to buy a case or two of ammo and drive across the border?

    What has the USA come to? Thinking of going to Canada to buy gun stuff we cant buy in the USA.
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