Opinions on G96 Gun Treatment

Opinions on G96 Gun Treatment

This is a discussion on Opinions on G96 Gun Treatment within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have been using Breakfree as an overall Cleaner-Lube-Protectant since USMC in the 1980's. Occasionally Hoppes #9 for really grungy barrels, but generally Breakfree handles ...

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Thread: Opinions on G96 Gun Treatment

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    Opinions on G96 Gun Treatment

    I have been using Breakfree as an overall Cleaner-Lube-Protectant since USMC in the 1980's. Occasionally Hoppes #9 for really grungy barrels, but generally Breakfree handles everything just fine.

    The other day I had a deputy tell me about G96 Gun Treatment and he was swearing by it! Told me it was better than Breakfree.

    Now I don't doubt that in 25 + years that improvements haven't been made on Breakfree but as far as I know the Corps is still using Breakfree and I have read a lot of material on Breakfree including the Mil Specs on it.

    I have not found much info anywhere on G96 products. How it compares, how it's made and how it is better. Their website has very limited details on the specific's of it other than some testimonials.

    Does anyone have any experience with it or any recommendations?

    Also, is a general product like Breakfree and other "CLP's" like G96 good for all lube and protection or should I be using some sort of "grease" on specific area's of my semi-autos? (1911's, Glock, XD, AR-15, FN FAL, SKS, etc.)

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    I've got a couple virgin can's of LSA for cheap ifin ya want to try that

    Seriously, I use Breakfree on everything and like it, but have been looking round at other cleaners/lubs to see what improvements have been made.

    Have used G96 in years gone by. At one point I'd get a couple can's of it for every FTX/deployment and it worked great on the M60. However, they changed formulas few years back & the stuff did not work nearly as good as break cleaner so I stopped using it.

    Got a can about 6-8 months ago and was not impressed so I went back to Break Free.

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    I saw "G96" in the subject line and couldn't believe it! Memories from 30 years ago floating through my mind ... I used to love the stuff. The original formula was a quality lubricant (probably a blend) that had some kind of polar molecule additive in it that would make the lubricant cling to the metal, penetrate to the deepest reaches, and coat all microscopic crevices and imperfections in the metal. The result was that it was a very good lubricant that also protected the gun from rust. Until I saw your post, I had totally forgotten about it ...ever since it went off the market. But unless the current formula is exactly what it was, I wouldn't bother. The polar molecule thing was what made it special.

    Break Free and brake cleaner work fine for cleaning. I use the ol' standard Hoppe's No. 9 for most of my solvent-based cleaning and usually clean with this before using Break Free or brake cleaner. Works great. I have no clue what to use for lead fouling but don't shoot lead. For copper fouling, I'm a believer in Barnes CR-10. (Here's a review site for copper cleaning: http://www.frfrogspad.com/cleaners.htm ). But none of this stuff is a replacement for the original G96 'magnetic' lubricant, and the original G96 was a lubricant, not a cleaner. It was an anti-corrosion lubricant in particular.

    Ok, the long and short of it is that I have now found a G96 replacement that works better than the original. I use it on all outdoor lube jobs up here in Alaska, including things that are exposed to salt water on a regular basis (like boat trailers and boat locks.) After lubricating the door hinges on my pickup (and our van) with it, the hinges finally stopped squeaking and I can't remember the last time that I lubed those hinges. What is it? Corrosion X. My commercial fisherman friends were the ones who convinced me to try it and I've never looked back. Corrosion X is like G96 in that it has some kind of polar molecule thing in it that causes it to coat everything, microscopically, but also carries anti-corrosion chemicals in it too. Not just oils. You can put a drop on a piece of metal and come back in a couple of days to find it spread out 3 or 4 inches and short of using a strong detergent, it won't come back off. I now use it as my primary lubricant on all my guns (revolvers, automatics, rifles, shotguns) ...except for an occasional quicky with WD-40. About once a year, I spray down the guns with Corrosion X and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it all back off again. Then I use it after cleanings. WD-40 and Corrosion X both work in extreme cold (50 below here) while some of the others (especially those darn teflon lubes) seize up when it gets cold. Corrosion X makes lubes for specific purposes such as guns ( http://www.corrosionx.com/gun_use.html ), fishing reels, and general purpose usage. I have things like locks that have spent years outside without needing additional lubrication after being lubricated with Corrosion X and they still work like new. So anyway, I have no affiliation with Corrosion X or any other lube or cleaner company whatsoever ...I'm just a happy customer and my guns work, work in any temperature, and don't have a lick of corrosion on any of them ...and most are blued steel, not stainless. Corrosion X is completely compatible with all the polymers on the market too. I have several polymer stocks or semiautomatics that have had Corrosion X on them for years without any side effects.


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    Have been using CorrosinX for ten years excellent product, when I first bought it didn't have the green dye was just brownish color, some complain green dye stains clothing, haven't had any issues with it.

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