Unintentional discharge

Unintentional discharge

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Thread: Unintentional discharge

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    Unintentional discharge

    Notice I didn't say accidental!

    Yesterday Ti Carry presented a post that He almost got shot twice by a shooting partner. Most if not all, including me, recommended that he not shoot with this person again.

    Now a challenge:
    In over 40 yrs of handling firearms I have had three unintentional discharges, two I just had my fat finger in the wrong place, on the trigger, at the wrong time. The third I was unable to figure out the root cause, but I still must take responsibility for the incident. In all cases the muzzle was pointed in a safe direction as it should be. All three occured while unloading the weapon. Lesson learned: keep the finger off of the trigger until your sights are on the target and the importance of muzzle control. No one was injured, and no near misses, the bullet went into a backstop on all three, but all three scared the ---- out of me.

    One of the best ways we humans learn is by our mistakes, I ask that others, here, share similar experiences so that all of us may learn and be safe.

    Thank you

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    I don't believe there is a Unintentional discharge, only negligent, so all 3 of those were ND's.
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    firefighter_56, It's not easy fessing up to ND's, you can say they were unintentional but the fact is that negligence was the root cause unless it was confirmed that the gun was faulty and caused the round to fire, then that would be an AD.

    I can honestly say that I have never had an AD or an ND or even an UD. I was trained from the time I was introduced to a firearm, shotgun or rifle to never ever put my finger on the trigger until ready to fire. It's all about the training and practice creating the muscle memory. Many and I am sure it is a very high percent do not seek training beyond going to the range every other week. This is a huge mistake IMO, especially if you are going to conceal carry.

    I feel it is imperative to get the most "professional" training you can and practice that training until it is ingrained in you and then get more training and practice even more. I thought I had skills until I really started formal training and I can honestly say now that I hadn't a clue before training and if you or anyone else has never taken good formal training (more than 1 or 2 classes) you don't have a real clue either. You might be good at shooting and practice safely for the most part, I was too but that is just not even close to enough if you were really in a life or death situation and want to actually survive it.

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    funny, my only ND/AD/UD my finger was nowhere near the trigger...

    Old double barreled shotgun, shooting skeet with a friend's gun, the firing pins stuck in the fire position, all I had to do was close the breech with enough force...BOOM!

    (I was all of 16, sure shook me up - not to mention the guy in the low house...)

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    ND's happen. Even to pros. Funny thing, cops seem to have more than their fair share. In my home town, for example, we've had one ND of a shotgun into the PD HQ ceiling, and the former chief of police had THREE. One in his former command out west, one here in his personal bathroom where his Glock M23 inexplicably went off into the toilet and one DOUBLE at a nearby health club (not too healthy to be there at that moment!) when he was dressing after his workout (after leaving the gun in a public locker) he tried to reholster and capped off TWO shots into the locker. The locker died instantly. No human casualties.
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    In my young and dumb days I had load of #6 find it's way through the wall of the house. I've been the master, practitioner and preacher of the 4 rules since then. My wife still likes to throw it in my face, though.
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    A friend of my reworked a trigger on an old 22 rifle of mine and when you worked the bolt action too hard it would fire. I had to change the sear and it finally worked OK but I still make sure it is pointed in a safe direction when working the bolt or any other time, which is what I should do anyway. Pointing the gun is a safe direction is still the number one safe practice. It is usually the so called unloaded guns that get you. Another rule is that all guns are loaded and can fire where pointed. I am reluctant to point a broomstick at someone.

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    We had a local state trooper or was it a Sheriff Dep. that shot himself in the leg. I do not know if he was holstering the gun or taking it off to put it in his locker.

    I do know that our county officers had to file the report. They thought it was pretty funny. But then again, they have had their past issues as well.

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