PM9 Graying with Solvent

PM9 Graying with Solvent

This is a discussion on PM9 Graying with Solvent within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have been enjoying my new Kahr PM9094N and after taking it to the range for a 300-rd breakin (WWB and blazer). It performed excellently ...

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Thread: PM9 Graying with Solvent

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    PM9 Graying with Solvent

    I have been enjoying my new Kahr PM9094N and after taking it to the range for a 300-rd breakin (WWB and blazer). It performed excellently with only one fte on round #180 or so - the rest chambered and ejected just fine - very pleased after reading all about PM9 problems.

    After returning home I field stripped it and sprayed the underside (and all over) of the blackened stainless slide (Tungstun DLC) with Outers Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner to rinse the grime off. I was horrified to see the DLC finish turn ashen gray before my very eyes. I quickly wiped it down but it didn't help. I sprayed it with Breakfree CLP and that evaporated and left it gray again. I checked the Outers can again and it says "safe for all metal surfaces" I later checked the Kahr manual and found no warnings. This picture is AFTER dousing and wiping with RemOil liberally. The oil just seemed to evaporate off and leave it gray. I seriously thought I was having a bad dream.

    Each time I applied oil it seemed to get better. Now after several layers of oil (RemOil and a heavier Outers Gun Oil) I think it is back to normal.

    Are there any metallurgists our there that can tell me what the heck happened? I did a quick Google search and came up empty. I'm still not convinced the finish is back to normal for the long term.


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    Cylinder & Slide have a cleaner designed for plastic guns called Poly Dunk-Kit that might be your solution.
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    Tungsten DLC is considered a " self lubing" finish when used in industry's other than the gun world. It is self lubing in that it has " micro pores " that trap oil ect. and hold them long term . One of two things happened , either your solivent displaced the oils , or reacted with them turning grey . Its not a long term issue for the finish imho since either way as you noted replacing the oils restores the coloration. DLC is a nitrided finish and as such is amazingly robust , almost indestructible with normal use. Nitrided finishes are normaly grey , and the color of DLC is achived by a combo of the use of argon gas during coating , and the oils trapped in the pores . I clean my pm9 slide with breakfree CLP and have seen no discoloration issues at all .
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