Sheep are innocent

Sheep are innocent

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Thread: Sheep are innocent

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    Exclamation Sheep are innocent

    I just wanted to share a funny but yet a good wake up call to the general public, especially those on this forum that has Senior moms, dads an friends.
    I was coming home from the range, and stop over my friend's apt. at a senior living complex. Well the main door is always locked and I always use the intercom to get buzzed in. I walked up to the door with my "Guitar case" (inside the Guitar case is my AR 15 with 6 mags of ammo). Also I had my Taurus 357 mag in my jacket pocket. I did not want to leave this gear in my truck for fear of it getting stolen. As I walked up to the door with my "guitar" an older lady about 65 years old just opened the door and said hello. When she open the door I got in the main foyer area and there were 6 or 7 other seniors that told her not to open the door to strangers you don't know this man. She said yes he plays guitar with so and so at apt 207. I greeted them all kindly and went up to the 3rd floor to see my friend. I then told my friend how I got in and he just shook his head. This lady did not know me and I do not play the guitar. If she really new the fire power I was carrying she would have a heart attack. Morale of this story is to our senior parents and friends to please not be so trusting, and the world we live in is the not world they were brought up in. Thank you
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    and the world we live in is the not world they were brought up in
    Sad, but true.

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    You may want to keep in mind that she may not be all there either. My mom worked in senior care for decades (nursing homes and assisted living). I met people and had great conversations with them and so on. I would come back a couple days later, and to them I was a totally different person. Some would be all with it several times in a row and then they would see me again, and to them I was someone else.

    A friend of mine took another guy's elderly dad shooting. Dad had some old Colts, the 5 figure value kind. At the end of the session the dad gave my friend one of the Colts and swore it was my friend's Colt. My friend, being an upstanding guy, gave it back. The dad seemed all there in all other respects, but this incident.

    So kids keep track of your older folks. The criminals like to prey on them for a reason.
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    My step father is 83, and is way to trusting. I think he is still living in the days of leaving the front door unlocked all the time. At some point is luck will run out.

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    I once stopped at a farm home to ask if a dog that was running loose on the road was theirs or someone they knew. I could see an older woman and her granddaughter in the kitchen. She came over and opened the door. It was not her dog and as I said goodbye I told her that she probably shouldn't just open up to total strangers. You never know in this day and age.

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