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Thread: I was carrying

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    That is great Jackofspades... +1 for Denver! I do hate "road ragers!" They are a menace!

    Here, we have critical manpower shortage. Poor county, rural county...

    Routine (non-emerg) calls stack up often with an hour back log.

    One of the first things asked of the calling party is if they are willing to sign a complaint. I would venture to say that 90% of callers Do Not want to get involved to the extent of "signing a complaint" (they just want to call it in and be on their way) so then it just gets pushed further back on the response list.

    I certainly wish it wasn't that way... But our deputies are busy doing what they can with a shortage of manpower. I'm also not saying our LEO's won't do anything if given the opportunity. They may be busy, but they sure don't blow off good traffic stops to get on to the next call either.
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    I was carrying

    I went back by the intersection today to see if I missed a new stop sign or something. There was nothing new.
    I was in the right.
    I stopped when he stopped because I did not want him following me to work.
    I was only about 30 seconds from there.
    Even thou there always seems to be a cruiser parked there. I did not see any need to let him follow

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    It's just too bad this didn't happen in Norfolk.

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    And strolling down the street with your AK is protected by the second. Your point?
    Is it?
    Try it downtown and see how far you get.

    My point is...some guy flipping you off is not a crime. Although you may think its a crime and it may feel like a crime, writing someone for flipping someone else off would get you laughed right out of court.

    As for road rage, one would have to be endangering someone else. Meaning that if they impeded the ability to go somewhere, took action to illegally stop the vehicle, physically assaulted the vehicle and caused property damage or even verball assaulted someone to the point that they lost their water over it, THEN perhaps road rage could be used and the offender ticketed.

    Flipping someone off and using various gestures is hardly a Police matter.

    whitetrashfarm did the correct thing. He stayed in his vehicle and basically ignored the actions of the idiot while staying aware of his movement. Its times like those that having the wieght of a gun on the hip can be a comforting thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    I think I'd have completed the call and reported him and his tag number for road rage.
    +1 for me. Would have called LEO for sure since you had enough time and two chances to get his plate #. He is going to pull that one someone who will kick his a$$ and he needs it.
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    I don't think I would have called LE. I like to think they have more pressing issues than this idiot. Also, you appear to have had the situation under control. Way to go with (not escalating) diffusing the situation and going on about your business. It takes the bigger person to let the menial junk go.

    Excellent job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erich View Post
    Good job not giving in to road rage.
    Stuff like that happens all the time, you must get POed then forget about it.

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    One thing to think of.......
    Calling PD ,even if they didnt fallow up on it, would leave a "paper trail" so to speak. That way if it did happen to someone else, It would show a pattern that this brainless jerk is fallowing.
    I would have called, if for no other reason, just to let them know.
    911 calls are recorded for a raeason.
    +1 for keepin your cool

    Ride hard and Shoot safe

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    No road rage here. I always just smile and wave. I might even throw in a thumbs up and a big grin.

    They love that.
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    Yep, you found a moron alright.

    You kept your cool and as a result, you get to look on the experience as one where you came out looking like the rational human being you are and the moron came out looking like....well, a moron.

    Good job.
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    Honestly, I'd start laughing and yell out the window... " Yeah I thought that was your IQ, 1"...

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    I would have completed the 911 call. Around here, at very least they would keep an eye out for him as a possible DUI or driving on drugs.
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