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Stopping Recoil Anticipation

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Thread: Stopping Recoil Anticipation

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    I had that problem when I first started shooting dad's Glock 17; after the third mag (17 rounds each), I stared anticipating recoil, and it drove down accuracy. We don't have snap caps, mind you, so the way we solved this problem is to shoot the hell out of the gun. Keep putting lead downrange and see if weapon familiarity won't clear it up.

    I agree that shooting a lot is the best way to cure it, but I'll add to that shoot it a lot without anticipating. Dry firing is not the cure for this because the gun doesn't go bang.

    Anticipating recoil and flinching is a natural reaction that needs to be overcome mentally. The shooter controls the gun, not the other way around.
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    All good advice given. Try to ignore the inevitable and put all your mental energy on staring at the front sight. Front sight, front sight!!!

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    /echo's above.

    One thing that helped me is to just relax. Shoot one handed. Take 10 seconds or so between shots. Let the recoil happen. Just hold the gun and when it shoots just let it come up naturally. Don't try to "manage" the recoil. Don't force your shot. Run a couple/three mags this way. You know what it's going to do.

    I find that doing this helps to get me "in the groove". Then start speeding it up slowly. Don't force it. Like in the other thread I noticed today.

    Fast is slow,
    slow is fast,
    front sight focus
    trigger squeeze.
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    Highly recommend the dry fire (make sure, then double check, then confirm your firearm is unloaded)....when in a safe area, close your eyes and slowly pull the trigger until it breaks......repeat a couple hundred times as necessary.

    IRT snap-caps: you can find them online or in any gunshop--the ones I've seen are red with a brass case bottom.

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    How about an airsoft pistol, I have a PT111 and there is an exact copy of that available in airsoft, I thought it would also be a good way of getting my wife used to using the PT111...??

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    Dry fire is your friend. Get yourself some snap caps and go hog wild dry firing. Find a target that is safe to point at and practice your trigger work while trying to hold the gun on point to your target.

    Make sure the gun is safely loaded with only the snap caps! Take all live ammo and either put it in another room or lock it up. Have someone double check you if there's someone available to do so.

    Be safe and work on your trigger squeeze. Before you know it, your flinching will get less and less. It just takes practice.
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    Perfect practice makes perfect.

    Slow down. Relax.


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