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EBAY to restrict more firearm related items

This is a discussion on EBAY to restrict more firearm related items within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey No, it's the idiotic, reactionary, politically-correct, hysterical, symbolic thing to do. Do you really think that by doing that, you're going ...

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Thread: EBAY to restrict more firearm related items

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    No, it's the idiotic, reactionary, politically-correct, hysterical, symbolic thing to do. Do you really think that by doing that, you're going to prevent murders? There are umteen thousand other places where people, including the VT murderer, can obtain these things. The proper realization to make is that the item, and the seller of the item, are not responsible for the things the user does with them, ever.

    Hmmm, is that like the "Ministry of Truth"?

    You don't encourage safety by trying to make an item unavailable.
    If you were trying to teach someone "Chainsaw Safety," you would show him how to use the chainsaw safely; you wouldn't just take away the chainsaw and say, "Now you are safe from chainsaw accidents." I mean, what's the point? Is it really your policy to take away everything that could be used in murder, or used unsafely?

    LISTEN, when the pigs change the rules on the wall, it's for your own good, now stop complaining and back to your treadmill serf!!!! or no gruel for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raysheen View Post
    it exists...
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    I was pretty sick of them anyway. I'd rather buy and sell on the forums.
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    I bought a lot of Wilson Combat parts from a seller there, I'm kind of bummed, but oI have a feeling that most of the sellers there that deal in gunparts etc. will migrate to Gunbroker, GunsAmerica etc. etc.

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    You could pick up some good deals on misc stuff. This is a bummer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goawayfarm View Post
    I think that leaves only holsters & grips!
    Seems like it would be easier for eBay to just have a list of gun items you CAN sell.
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    eBay??? eBay??? Never heard of 'em!!!
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    What the hell is a 'Vice President of Trust and Safety'? Sounds like one of those BS job title they give some non achiever who is being sidelined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragman View Post
    What the hell is a 'Vice President of Trust and Safety'? Sounds like one of those BS job title they give some non achiever who is being sidelined.
    He's probably the CEO's kid.

    It won't be long until ALL items that even remotely have anything to do with guns & knives will be banned. This will include toys as well. This is what you get when California 'fruits, nuts & flakes' run a business. These items aren't ILLEGAL, just NOT PC!
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    Talk about being PC ! I'll use gunbroker if I decide to buy from away.

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    Somehow this doesn't surprise me. Is Diane Feinstein on their board of directors?

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    I have been an active Ebayer for years. No More.
    Go to ebay and search for bong. You'll be amazed at the results. Yet ebay has a no drug policy. Oh yeah you can smoke tobacco in a bong too. Now that's a healthy alternative! And tee shirts advocating drugs and drug use aren't really drugs now are they?
    I sent them a nice email saying that I don't agree with their new policies and would not be using my ebay or paypal accounts for any transactions until they change their leftwing liberal attitude. Oh well I guess this means no more ebay, ever again.
    Here is a petition to ebay
    www. petitiononline.com/ebay0001/petition.html
    Copy this address, open a new browser or tab to a non forum related page, paste address and delete the space after the first dot. This will help keep the petition from tracking to gun forums. Helps remove the "Bunch of Gun Nuts" argument.
    I have opened an account with www.gearpay.com they have no moronic liberal policies. I will definitely be spending more time on gunbroker also. Hope to see some of the 1911 suppliers from ebay there soon.
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    As a Virginia Tech student I am appalled that they are using the events that took place at my school to push an anti-gun agenda.

    I should send them a letter letting them know how ridiculous they are being. Maybe they should stop selling cars on ebay too. I wonder how many people died last year because of a vehicle purchased on ebay...

    edit: All in all I don't blame ebay as much as american society. Always looking to place the blame somewhere other then where its due.. Personal responsibility seems to be scarce in this day and age. Our sue happy, entitlement, irresponsible society has led to this sort of retard pandering on an epic scale.

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    Last time I used Ebay was about 3 years ago. I haven't looked back since.

    Gunbroker and auctionarms are the only auction place you need!

    Besides, if your not spending your money on gun stuff, your just waisting your money. hehe
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