Ruger Warranty

Ruger Warranty

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Thread: Ruger Warranty

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    Ruger Warranty

    Can anyone tell me about the Warranty on Ruger Firearms.

    There is no problem with mine but my Uncle is deciding whether or not to buy one and wants to know about the warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    Can anyone tell me about the Warranty on Ruger Firearms.

    There is no problem with mine but my Uncle is deciding whether or not to buy one and wants to know about the warranty.
    I can find nothing on the Ruger web site that specifically addresses product warranties.

    You should probably telephone them.

    For Ruger pistols: (928) 778-6555.

    For Ruger rifles, shotguns & revolvers: (603) 865-2442.

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    Here's a PDF manual, with the warranty statement on page 40.

    Basically, they do not have a written warranty, but if you search around, you'll find the concensus being that they are responsive and fair. If you have a problem, they're probably willing to fix it, unless you try using your GP-100 as a grappling hook, or something equally interesting.

    The rifles (#1, 77 series) and revolvers (Security Six, GP/SP, and Black- & Redhawks) are bomb-proof, though they may need some break-in and/or serious stoning to get an action comparable to other makers.

    Their autos are generally unfortunate.The MkIIs are wonderful, but the service-caliber weapons are excessively heavy and bulky. Many people have and love them- many people drove Yugos... To each their own. Ruger does have a newer model, I believe polymer frame, that looks a bit more to scale than their earlier efforts.

    Ruger sticks by their product, even if they screw their buyers at the ballot box.

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    Yup, I own a dozen rugers in my collection both rifles and pistols.
    They are over built and rugged.I have owned many over 20 years
    and never sent any back to factory for work! Impressive to say the least.My favorites are mark1,rifle in 270 and security six in 357.
    I kick myself for selling a blackhawk 30cal i had back in the 70's.
    Talk about a fun pistol to shoot!

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    I've had my Black-Hawk now since I first turned 21, and have cycled a pile of brass, the youngest just bought a mini 14 all built well, and I have read of people who had to contact Ruger and were very pleased with the response.
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    FWIW, I just had a customer who had an old Service Six with a broken front sight. Not sure how he did that one, but... Ruger charged $6 for the part including shipping. I would have thought they would have sent one free. Most other companies are more than glad to ship out small parts for replacement at no charge.

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