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So what have you left at the range by mistake?

This is a discussion on So what have you left at the range by mistake? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When I was running my clubs Tuesday evening rimfire league, I came in early to set up & discovered a cased revolver on a lane ...

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    When I was running my clubs Tuesday evening rimfire league, I came in early to set up & discovered a cased revolver on a lane table.
    I secured it and left a note on the club bulletin board. (hoping no-one would call :-^) The owner called me the next day and came to my home & picked up his pistol, just a bit red faced.


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    Safety glasses... twice

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    Membership card

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    So far, I've never left anything of value at a range.

    It's a scary thought, that of leaving a firearm behind and having to hope that whoever finds it is honest enough to see that it gets returned!

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    I was out with my Sister and Uncle about 4 months ago and as we packed up my Uncle's Jimmy to leave he put his Ammo Box on the License Plate spot. About an hour later dad and I get a call from my uncle since we were out near the range to go and look for it. Never did find it, Ammo, brand new mag, ear plugs, Safety glasses never seen again. Thank God the Guns were stowed separately.

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    A brand new $35 Cleaning Rod. I drove the 11 miles back to the club and thankfully it was still there.
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    Iíve never left anything behind; Iím much to paranoid for that. I usually check the trunk three times before I get out of the parking lot. I open each case and check for firearms and count the mags. I carry ammo, targets, glasses, and so on in a 5-gallon bucket with a wrap around the outside that is made to carry tools.

    Now that Iíve posted this Iím sure Iíll leave something tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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    Historically, magazines tend to have a hard time finding their way back to my range bag. I left some el cheapo muffs behind once too.

    Other than that, around a million rds of spent brass.
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    Two staple guns and counting.

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    The only things I've left at the range have been intentionally left because, heck, I work there, I know I'm coming back again and again and again and I just hide my stuff behind the forbidden counter. Never guns, but ear and eye protection practically live there as there's no reason to really bring it home.

    While I've never accidentally left anything at the range, as I clean up at the end of the night, when the range closes, I find some interesting stuff... No guns yet, but I'm sure it's happened and by the record of who's on what lane at what time we would call the shooter and alert him of anything left.

    Our range also requires shooters to leave their driver's license with us while they shoot. The license is returned once the shooter leaves the range. However, if we are busy with a customer and don't notice the shooter rush past us it is easy for them to leave their driver's license behind.

    We have a whole box of licenses left behind. We call them and tell them to come and pick them up. Often, it surprises me how many licenses still remain in that box.

    If someone doesn't want to provide their driver's license we will take any other form of government ID. I can't tell you how many CCW permits or military IDs have been left behind.

    Other than that I find a lot of targets, both used and new that are left. I've found live rounds, pens, screw drivers, cleaning rods and brushes, note books, wallets. I even found a plunger tube once.

    Scope rings, screws, we find it all.

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    4 AK-47 mags 300 rounds of ammo for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skystud1 View Post
    I left a magazine there yesterday. I hope there are some honest shooters at the range!
    Hope you find it, but if its a Hi-Cap mag expecially a Glock mag. I doubt you'll get it back. Good luck anyway.
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    The one thing I have left time and time again at the range.... my pride. Those off days always seem to happen when someone is with you for the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rabywk View Post
    The one thing I have left time and time again at the range.... my pride. Those off days always seem to happen when someone is with you for the first time.
    Oh hell, I rent a locker at the range for my pride, it keeps staying there so might as well have a nice place to keep it safe.
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    Pride, puddle of ego. Sorry you had to mop that up Lima.
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