So what have you left at the range by mistake?

So what have you left at the range by mistake?

This is a discussion on So what have you left at the range by mistake? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I left a magazine there yesterday. I hope there are some honest shooters at the range!...

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Thread: So what have you left at the range by mistake?

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    So what have you left at the range by mistake?

    I left a magazine there yesterday. I hope there are some honest shooters at the range!

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    Ear muffs once got them back the next week

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    Leather double magazine carrier, Bianchi. They saved them for me though.
    Texas friendly spoken here.

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    The center of the target!! Occasionally unfired ammo. John

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    A roll of target tape. Got it back the next week.

    Usually leave brass...I can never find it all! Most of the time I at least pick up more than I shoot, regardless of the calibre. (Why more of us don't do that -- it's a club range -- is beyond me!)

    Memories of an "off" shooting day. (Glad to leave them there!)

    Memories of a good practice session. (They usually always take a back seat to those of an "off" day...)
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    A shoot three or more years ago - down with the MD guys at the Timonium range.

    Took a boatload of handguns and one longarm - my Marlin 94 in .44 mag - had no chance to shoot it. On way back battling beltway traffic realized all of a sudden - had left it in its case propped up at end of range - oops.

    Called them and with many miles and time wasted turned around to go back - caught them before they closed up. That was I think only time - but taught me a lesson!
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    Not enough AMMO!

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    I went to shoot and as always scoured the shooting lane that I used and everywhere else (am paranoid that I will leave a pistol or ammo). Washed my hands, chatted with the guys behind the counter, looked at a couple of new pistols and then left. Only to figure out a day later that I had left my DL and walked out without paying....DOH!! Called them and the guy that answered the phone just laughed. Said it happens all the time!
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    A pretty nice pair of safety glasses once and one time a 100 round Winchester White box of 100 rounds of .40 cal ammo. Unopened, just sitting there. I hope who ever found it had fun with it.

    Found $10 one time.
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    My gun right before I got my CCW. After one of my first IDPA matches, I put the gun in its pouch, placed it next to the range bag and proceeded to pack the rest the stuff. While doing this, I got engaged in a conversation with another shooter, grabbed the bag and left for the parking lot. I actually got home and realized I left the gun back at the range. I called the club director who told me one of the guys had it and to give him a call. I recovered the gun a couple of days later and, amazingly I was never ribbed about by any club member. I think they are still waiting for the perfect moment to let me have it.
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    .357 Dan Wesson in a case about 10 years ago.

    One of my shooting bags containing a Colt Anaconda .44, Colt XSE .45, Sig p220 and Sig P226 in .357 Sig and a few plastic cases of ammo along with my Peltor Tactical muffs a couple of years ago.

    Luckliy, got it back the next day. One of my friend picked it up and took it home and called me that night. I went to his house after work that day and picked them up.

    I still get a lot of flack for that one...
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    My pride.

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    About a third of a case of clays, the thrower, and a pile of good 12ga's nice having enough land to play on without having to pack out the more durable stuff for a change :)

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    I have not left anything yet.

    I did find a BP Uberti revolver. I just arrived at the range with the g/f and we were watching two guys shooting some BP rifles. I waited outside to see them shoot. ( I never seen a BP rifle in action) they were cleaning up and we headed in to start our range time. The one guy must of been the buddy of the firearms owner. I watched him clean up and he had a pistol box in his had and some trash. he walked over to the trashcan and placed the pistol box on the edge of the can and tossed in his trash. He never picked up the pistol box on his way back to the other gear. Both guys left and never picked up the pistol. I was at the range for about an hour and thought that they would of been back to get it. Well they didn't so I turned it in to the owner of the range. I am not sure how long it took the owner of the pistol to remember that it was left behind.

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    I shoot in my backyard, but I did leave a magazine down there once. I had to walk all the way back down there to get it.

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