That is a very nice looking horsey pistol.
Congrats on getting it.
A very worthwhile addition to the family.

The stag grips look great on there.

I just think really nice and special looking grips set off a Colt pistol so doggone well.

I have nothing personal against any of the standard Colt factory original grips but, unless you want to keep your collectible Colt 100% original....a beautiful set of custom grips is really the way to go.

I actually would rather the serious Colt collectors have the collectible grips for their Colts Under Glass Showcase pistols.
Give me a beautious pair of Ivories any day.

I just saw a set of original PLASTIC Colt Grips go for $275.00 plus on Ebay last week.
I say "plus" because I spotted them before the auction closed and they were already at $275.
I never bothered checking back to see what the final closing was.
THAT is one heckova serious Colt Collector....$275 for vintage Colt plastic grips.

There aint no plastic gun grips worth $275. out of my QKShooter wallet.