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Thread: "Why I Do Not Own A Gun"

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    GOOD FOR HIM!!!!

    The MAN who wrote this article is in my opinion the type of person I wish the rest of the country would try to be like.

    Gun ownership is a right not a requirement. He knows his limits and chooses to stay within them. I'm very glad that he doesn't want to take away my right while expressing his own opinion.

    To those that paid for my freedom,

    As with all statements I've made and All that I will make, please check your local laws to verify accuracy. (and if i'm wrong let me know as I like to be right in the future) After all I'm just some goofball posting on an internet forum.

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    That guy is hillarious. In the geeky Warcraft way....lol
    Praise the Lord....Pass the ammunition


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    I don't know why everyone is bashing this guy so badly. Sure, he appears to be a weak person. As long as he is not saying that I should be limited because of his weakness, I will leave him alone.

    As far as I can read, he said that,

    1) He believes that having a gun should be a personal choice. Anyone here disagree with that?

    2) He says that he is not responsible enough to own a gun. This may be sad, but if true I think he shows a remarkable sense of responsibility to admit it and act accordingly.

    I have seen quite a few people who I feel are too irresponsible to own guns.

    I met one guy who couldn't seem to control his temper. He was subject to violence when arguing a point. He had road rage issues. I heard him say once that there was no way he could own a gun, because he would kills someone if he did.

    I know most of us here would think that is a sad mental state to be in but we have to face reality.

    No matter how much we would like the writer of the article to be a responsible gun owner, if he feels that he is not up to the task, HE SHOULDN'T OWN A GUN. At least until he gets whatever mental help he needs to become a responsible person.

    There are too many flaming anti-gun wacko's out there for me to get worked up by this pitiful guy.
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    Probably not to disagree with the masses for my first post, but here goes.

    I feel pretty much like the guy writing the original article. I'm interested in learning more about CCW options, but so far I've felt very safe where I live.

    The violent crime rate is very low, and between conservative decision making, a folding knife, and a few years of fighting-oriented martial arts training, I feel adequately safe.

    Here's a parallel in my life: for the last few years I haven't needed a car, because I live in a very urban area with work very near my apartment. Cars are great tools, but like a gun I haven't needed one in my life.

    My situation has changed and I now need a car, so I'm getting one. If my security situation changes and I feel like I need a gun, I'll get one too. In the meantime I'll advocate for the continued freedom to own and carry firearms.

    And - hey - guns are fun. I've been right on the edge of buying one just because I enjoy shooting. In my reading of the original article he's not opposed to ownership - just didn't see a personal need for it that outweighed his acknowledged lack of personal self-discipline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Did some of us miss the point that he isnt anti gun... he just doesnt want one himself? While I dont agree with the mindset, I dont see anything wrong with it.
    I agree with SIXTO. I didn't think this kid is particularly anti gun at all. In fact, he seems to deal with the subject pretty even handedly. He likes guns. He knows that they save more lives than they take and knows that the good uses of a gun go largely unreported. He just doesn't trust himself with a gun.

    Now, I see that as a sad thing because this kid at 25 years old or older is not mature enough to even trust himself with one but at least he recognizes this trait in himself and is handling it responsibly at this time. He is at least to be commended for knowing his limitations.

    Other antis may indeed think along the same lines as this fellow. The main difference that I see is that your typical anti doesn't trust themselves with a gun and since they think of themselves as morally and mentally superior to all of us, they believe that if they shouldn't have a gun, then we surely shouldn't have them either. Their faulty logic lies in their belief that they are superior to everyone else.
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    I gotta agree with Mike there...I dont think he is anti gun at all.
    Praise the Lord....Pass the ammunition


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    I Agree with TNMike, I don't think this guy is turning anyone away from the idea of owning a gun (other than maybe inspiring self doubt in the weak minded). Some people just know they are sheep. I am suprized that this man hasn't advanced beyond video games or believing everything he reads in "sexy adds" at the age of 25 though.
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    Psychiatric Analysis Shows
    Anti-Gun People Suffer "Mental Condition"
    By Richard W. Stevens
    They fear both their own feelings and the motivations of their neighbors, so many anti-gun people lapse into psychological defense patterns. These patterns, according to Sarah Thompson, M.D., lay the foundation of the anti-gun mentality. Dr. Thompson, a psychiatrist and author, detailed these observations in the Fall 2000 issue of the Bill of Rights Sentinel, published by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).
    "Defense mechanisms distort reality," notes Dr. Thompson. "The common thread in anti-gun people is rage."
    Mental State: Rage and Projection
    Dr. Thompson’s article, entitled "Raging Against Self Defense," explains that many people are terrified not only by the risk of crime but also by their own angry feelings. Deep inside they are afraid that they might get so upset one day that they would want to hurt or kill another person. If a firearm were handy, they imagine that they might just use it to do violence.
    To bury these scary thoughts, some people project them onto other people and inanimate objects. Beliefs that other people will attack without warning, or that firearms are the cause of violence, are two results of this emotional defense mechanism known as "projection."
    Mental State: Anxiety and Denial
    Another defense mechanism typical of the anti-gun mentality is "denial." Because of their anxiety about helplessness and vulnerability, some people flatly reject any facts that suggest any need to protect themselves. "It can’t happen here" is the typical expression of denial.
    In a statement to the press, Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of JPFO, reacted to Dr. Thompson’s findings: "It always seems strange that some people actually oppose the right to self-defense. These psychological insights help explain why some Americans can’t understand the right to keep and bear arms. They are suffering from a mental condition."
    Firearms Ownership Triggers Emotional Storm
    Hatred of guns and gun owners flares up, Dr. Thompson finds, because anxious anti-gun people see the very existence of firearms as proving self-defense is necessary. Anti-gun people have psychologically denied the need for self-defense, but firearms ownership shatters their illusion. The mere fact that people own and use firearms is a like a neon sign reminding them about the reality they so desperately want to deny. They react intensely by charging that the gun owners are the violent menace to society.
    Example: Irrational Rosie O’Donnell
    "Rosie O’Donnell proved the point," commented Zelman. "She said she wanted all gun owners thrown in prison, regardless of whether those owners committed any actual crime. That sort of unthinking rage against responsible firearms ownership could only come from someone with some kind of emotional problem."
    Studies show that firearms are used well over 5,000 times per day to stop or deter crimes. "You can’t reasonably deny that firearms save lives, " Zelman said. "You would have to be crazy to want to make it harder for innocent people to protect themselves."
    Crazy Rulers with Blind Followers?
    Here’s a dangerous combination: political leaders who irrationally fear guns and loathe gun owners – in charge of law enforcement officers who will just “follow orders” to disarm innocent Americans. Many American law men would never turn knowingly against their fellow citizens and confiscate firearms – but some would do exactly that if so ordered.
    An eye-opening interview with a California police officer shows exactly how some officers would carry out a civilian disarmament order, regardless of their oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Most younger Americans know almost nothing about our fundamental rights – and young law officers aren’t any different.

    Read the FULL article here: http://hiwaay.net/~becraft/ragingagain.PDF
    NRA Benefactor member
    Michigan Antique Arms Collectors life member
    Ohio Gun Collectors member

    Opinions expressed here are based upon Michigan state law ONLY. Other state laws may differ. Know and observe your local laws.

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    Guns are a responsibility, and if you don't want to take on that responsibility, you shouldn't have them. The problem isn't people like him. The problems are people unwilling to meet the responsibility but who have guns anyway, or who think because they aren't willing, nobody else should have them either.

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