I Got to Shoot a Nighthawk Custom

I Got to Shoot a Nighthawk Custom

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Thread: I Got to Shoot a Nighthawk Custom

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    I Got to Shoot a Nighthawk Custom

    So, after all the muss and fuss about the gun that I want, I finally decided that I am going to go for the Nighthawk Custom T3. A Commander sized barrel and slide on an officer’s sized frame, with custom upgrades to an ambidextrous thumb-safety, medium length trigger, and VZ grips with cut-outs near the mag release for easy access. Because Nighthawk Custom does nothing but steel frames I don’t have to worry about the aluminum vs steel wars and, of course, Nighthawk ensures their guns for life.

    Now, in apprehension of my new found enthusiasm I’ve been carrying around the Nighthawk Custom catalogue like a child carries around a security blanket. At every free moment I’m looking over the pictures and sharing my lust with customers and coworkers. I’m very excited to have found the gun of my desires.

    It’s no secret to anyone that the Nighthawk has been the gun of my dreams for the last week or two and I have been met with gentle criticism and mockery due to that fact. So, when my manager came around the corner from the range the other day and said, “There’s a guy in the range with a Blackhawk,” I was first confused.

    “A Blackhawk? What’s that?” I asked.

    “Oh, I mean, a Nighthawk.”

    “Your kidding,” I say, fully expecting the joke to be on me. I’ve never even SEEN a Nighthawk, much less held one in my hands and it would be like my manager to tease me with the potential to actually shoot one.

    “I would not joke about something like that,” he says with a look of sincerity I know all to well that he can fake.

    I look around at the faces of my fellow employees and no one seems to be in on this little joke so my heart finds hope in the idea that this might actually be true. I take a sip of my tea while I try to determine whether I’m walking into a trap or not.

    A colleague laughs and says, “I’m surprised we haven’t seen her mug spinning in circles and a dust trail back to the range yet.”

    I look at my manager again and say, “There is NOT a Nighthawk in the range.”

    He says, “There most certainly is and if you ask the guy would probably let you shoot it, too.”

    I finally decide to risk being laughed at because this is a chance not to be let go if it’s true. I take off to the range and look through the window to see if I can confirm before I make a fool of myself by entering into the range and asking a patron to see a gun he might not have even heard of.

    Sure enough, through the window, I see a beautiful 1911 sitting on the bench with VZ grips stamped with the unmistakable Nighthawk Custom logo.

    No one has ever seen me get ear protection on that fast in my life and I think I left at least three customers dazed and confused as I rushed past them into the range beaming from ear to ear.

    God granted me the patience to wait until the customer was done shooting off a magazine before he saw me and turned.

    I said, “I heard there was a Nighthawk in here.”

    The patron was very kind and accommodating to an obsessive young woman and welcomed me to shoot it after I drilled him on every question I could think of through the haze of wonder at the beauty in my hands. I put only five rounds through the Vickers Tactical as I was afraid anymore would make me want to keep shooting and I’d rob him of the joy of shooting his own gun. After all this was the very first time he had ever shot the gun as he had just received it that very morning.

    My final question to him was, “Was it worth it?” (meaning, of course, was the money spent worth the final product). He grinned from ear to ear and said, “OH YES!” He then told me that any time he has it down at the shop he’ll let me shoot it if I want.

    I left the range feeling as light as a feather and when I walked around the corner, back to the gun department, all of my colleagues burst into laughter.

    One said, “You should see your face.”

    My manager said, “Did you get to shoot it?”

    To which my colleague responded, “OF COURSE she got to shoot it. Look at her. She’s almost bouncing.”

    They got their laughs, but so did I. Not many people get to even see such high-end guns much less shoot them before buying them.

    I was just given a great opportunity. One I will take with me to my next purchase.

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    Lima..they're worth every penny. I ran up on a Talon II bobtail here in a local shop that was being sold used but the previous owner hadn't even fired it. The guy ordered it with the bobtail, ambis and the full diamond black finish upgrades, then stuck it in his safe. He traded it in on a Browning over/under without ever pulling the trigger. I saved over 700.00 from new. It's the best gun I've over owned. Right out of the box, never shot a bobtailed 1911 so I wasn't expecting much...15 ft...the X disappeared with the 1st shot I don't even try to shoot tight groups,If I put all the rounds in COM I'm hapy.. but every target comes back with most if not all of the center missing. They are the best shooting 1911s I've ever seen. I've out shot Wilson owners that I'd imagine were better shots than I with the Nighthawk

    After closing some sweet deals in my business...I now have a Talon II, a GRP railed bobtail and a 10-8 full size. A T3 is on my list as well. My Talon II is now my daily companion...taking the place of my CDP.
    You might have your shop check with Gunslingers about getting a T3 with ambis shipped in. I've been told Gunslingers is "the place' to get a decent deal on Nighthawks.
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