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Off Range Practice Pays Off

This is a discussion on Off Range Practice Pays Off within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; For me, as I've practiced, the safety comes off as my muzzle is clearing leather (or Kydex, whatever applies). This is so that if I ...

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Thread: Off Range Practice Pays Off

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    For me, as I've practiced, the safety comes off as my muzzle is clearing leather (or Kydex, whatever applies). This is so that if I need to shoot from the hip I don't have to worry about the safety getting in the way.

    My finger, however, does not go on the trigger until I'm ready to fire.

    By the time the safety is disengaged in my draw the muzzle is usually just clearing the holster and is pointed down and forward on its way up to my eyes.

    I was slightly concerned because I saw at least two shooters forget their safeties as they drew and ended up loosing precious seconds trying to fire, realizing the safety was still engaged, disengaging it, and continuing to shoot. I never want that to happen to me.

    I don't know if it's "right" or not, but it worked.

    As far as what's normal in IDPA? I have no idea. Our league director always seems to come up with some pretty elaborate scenarios. To me, that's normal because it's all I've ever really seen or experienced.

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    I've been thinking about trying our local IDPA. With my lack of experience and training, I think I would be happy with a time under 10 minutes. I'm sort of a waddler vs. a runner.

    Great job.

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    At what point do most folks disengage safety during a draw (on 1911 platform). ?
    Gun comes out and while bringing the gun up when the arms approach the 45 degree angle and up the safety gets snicked off while bringing it on target.

    With some practice it is quick and safe and automatic...eventually being done without conscious thought.
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    Thought you did very well; I plan on doing same once I heal from my bike accident!

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    Great write up Lima! I like your descriptions of what you are seeing and feeling as you go thru the drill.


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    Ya know...

    any time you can get off a static range and get into shoot and move, barricade, and engage multiple targets either close or separated, your ability goes up exponentially.

    As long as you don't rush! I always love scenario based shoots!

    Great Job Lima! Lots of fun as well as making you more deadly! And in turn, more safe!
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