Efficient Gun Storage in my safe HELP!

Efficient Gun Storage in my safe HELP!

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Thread: Efficient Gun Storage in my safe HELP!

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    Efficient Gun Storage in my safe HELP!

    Storing long guns and handguns in my safe:

    I have a problem. Up to this point I have been storing my handguns and long guns in a large 'walk in size' safe. And my ammunition seperately in a smaller safe.

    I am running out of run because what I am doing is locking each handgun's trigger or action; and THEN locking the handgun in an individual small handgun case. And then in the steel safe. Reason? Originally I was using a simple "locker" and did not feel that this was adequately secure (theft, kids around the house, a million reasons).

    Well, now they are in a ULC approved combination safe that weighs, with guns, probably in excess of a ton. And we have a ULC alarm system in the home. So anyone wanting to steal my handguns is going to have to get by ME and then the ALARM SYSTEM and then the SAFE. Good luck.

    So... back to my problem. I am running out of room. I have seen pictures of two types of efficient storage methods to increase storage space and am wondering if there is someone that can (a) comment on the pro's and con's of each; and (b) advise me where to purchase the necessary hardware.

    The first means of increasing storage efficiency is to get the handguns out of their plastic boxes, put the plastic boxes with the magazines and tools on TOP of the safe or in a closet, and stack the handguns on the shelving in the safe somehow. I have seen guys stacking their handguns in metal racks that look like they are made from clothing hangers (worried about scratching) and I have seen guys standing their handguns upright side by side in plastic 'slots' that look like mail slots (maybe a Staples product for mail sorting?). Pro's and con's of each by experience please?

    The other thing that I have seen is guys 'hanging' handguns on the inside of the safe's door, on something that looks like a drawer knob and available from Home Depot. Pro's and con's by experience please? I am going to call the safe manufacturer to ask about the safety of screwing knobs into the back of the safe's door, which appears to be made of plywood covered with a leatherette material.

    Your comments and experiences would be appreciated. It is also a pain in the back to get ready to go out shooting, as one either has to carry a bunch of these plastic cases in a duffel bag.... or alternatively, and what I do most often, transfer the handguns and long guns to more appropriate bulk carriers. In the case of long guns, a double or triple long gun case. In the case of handguns, in a handgun case that will carry 4 - 6 handguns (with trigger locks). Both of these cases lock by the way. And the ammunition (in Canada) must be transported in a seperate locked case and is indeed.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I can but mention what I have done to make best of my one safe. First off I managed to get some extra shelf support clips and put in about three extra intermediates for handguns.

    I can't use inside of door because that all but touches shelf fronts when closed. So - with just a few guns that are looking for space to sit - I put a small piece of the fine bubble-wrap over one gun and rest another on top.

    I keep interior checked for humidity and so have no worries about ''sealing'' in the lower gun. The long arms are a problem too but I keep best stuff ibnside and a few old milsurps outside. No choice.

    I have a pic somewhere - say if you want to see it and I'll dig.
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    With my small safe, I finally found a use for all those mouse pads I get, they work nicely as a protecter when laying guns on top of each other.

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    Send me your excess guns...send as many as you need to make room. They will be well taken care of....

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    I use the double rack from Sportsman's Guide. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=299533#

    It is coated and I've had no finish issues. I keep it towards the front of one of the shelves for easy access.

    IMHO, I wouldn't bother with the single rack. If you are looking for room in the safe you'll fill the rack quickly too. Let's just say that I'll be ordering another rack soon.

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    I don't have a lot of pistols, but I have a small safe. I found a simple pistol rack at Cabela's...they come in 4 or 6 slot models...certainly saves on space. All my pistol and long gun boxes, rugs, and cases are stored outside the safe(s)...I have a short Browing safe and a (small) tall Browing safe...
    I guess you can't have too many guns, or...too many safes!

    As my wife cannot open the larger Browing safe, I'm good to go on new purchases
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    I feel for ya.

    Sounds like a terrible problem you have there. So many guns that you can't fit them all into your huge safe.

    If you have that many and also have some extra room then you could consider building a room just for the guns. They make some really great vault doors that can be added to block or poured walls. A nice little 8X8 area should do nicely. Bigger if you have the room.

    Yea, I'm sure it's overboard, but I'm spending your money here not mine.
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