training question

training question

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Thread: training question

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    training question

    Teachig wife how to shoot and was have difficulties [putting it nicely] and figured out she's left eye dominant but right handed. Is there anything i should know or do differently ? Thanks.

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    I have that problem........I had to, while shooting a handgun, close my left eye, take aim, then open the eye and fire. I "worked through it" many years ago and now aim with the right eye while both eyes are open. It takes some time work it out.

    On the teaching the wife to shoot..........use nothing but love, compassion, and retain the services of a professional instructor.
    They know how to teach newbies better........they do it OFTEN.

    Husbands teaching wifes anything that 'us' husbands do 'competently' and frequently isn't always a good thing.
    I have learned this.......but I'm as hard-headed as they come.

    I only say this from experience.......I do hope it helps

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    I have had to change my aiming eye and now my dominant eye is my left and I shoot right handed. It does not make any difference. I shoot with both eyes open but a blood vessel rupture in the middle of my right retina messed up my vision. I still have some vision out of the eye. but it does not affect piston shooting. Long guns are a different story. I may have to train to shoot left handed. My wife of 53 years took to shooting like a duck to water. She can shoot very well with little training.

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    Type "dominant eye" in the search tool and you'll find at least ten threads, including this thread.

    This should help you find the answers to your questions.

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    Blaise, I have to agree with "goldshellback" in his advice to arrange for a professional instructor to teach your loved one. I have been a professional instructor for many years, but when my wife finally came around and wanted to learn to shoot, I turned her training over to a female instructor at our police range where I worked (Atlanta). Over the 25 years since then, she has grown in her proficiency and, at 63, can hold her own at the range. God bless. "Non Illigitimum Carborundum."

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    I am cross dominate as well, right handed, left eyed. I have found when instructing CCW classes, that the majority of cross dominate people are the ladies.

    I had an instructor (who also had our problem) spend 5 minutes with me a couple years ago. Made a world of difference. Have her stand in a weaver stance, right leg back, left toes pointed towards the target. Have her turn her head towards her right shoulder. Then look down the sights with her left eye. This will center the firearm to her body. Have her lean into a forward aggresive stance, to absorb the recoil. She will see a marked difference in her shooting and her comfort.

    When shooting in the isosceles position when cross dominate, she will be bringing the gun over to her left eye instead of centering it to her body.

    I think it's absolutely ridiculous when someone says to just change your eye dominance. That's like telling a lefty to just become a righty.

    And yes, have someone else instruct your wife. She will thank you for it!
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    +1 Linda

    I'm left eye aiming and right hand shooting. I just shoot weaver most of the time - no problem. The main thing is to practice all the time with the same eye so you don't get messed up. Closing one eye for slow fire will help because you'll learn to use the same eye every time.


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