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Target Shooting with a Rifle?

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Thread: Target Shooting with a Rifle?

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    That's some good improvement.
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    Hi All,

    Shot again today after some bad weather passed.

    I found a lot of my problem is focusing on the front sight. I... couldn't... do it! At what age do eyes start going downhill?

    Anyway, I painted the post with white automotive touch up paint. The difference was night and day: I can see the sight very clearly.

    Before, I had to concentrate to get good groups. I did these without much effort at all.

    The flyers were my fault here. I'm having trouble mastering the trigger, which is too heavy. I may try a "toothpaste trigger job" on it tonight.

    Again, a flyer. I shot this while sighting in better. The four rounds could have been together if I hadn't done that.

    There was an older gent at the gunstore dropping off his M44 to be 'scoped. He had a genuine Mosin-Nagant 'scope mount and WWII sniper 'scope. It was a "sight to behold." If I wanted to permanently alter this into a 'scoped rifle I'd invest in one - especially since it had my beloved, but rarely seen, preference of a post reticle.

    As it stands, I'm still planning the scout setup. I'd like to see what this will do with match ammo (or 7n1 Soviet sniper ammuntion) and a 2.5 or 4 power handgun 'scope. I'm betting with a few inexpensive tweaks I could get this bad boy to shoot very, very well.

    Josh <><

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    Looks like you've got it figured out pretty well. Being able to see the target then change focus back to the front sight is difficult - especially through peep sights. If you feel like shelling out some cash, I recommend the Leupold 2.5-8x32mm handgun scope.


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    Joshua , first off welcome to rifles . You have received a lot of good advise on this board ( and i am sure others ). All i will advise is that rifle skills come slow. You WILL hit a point where groups go to hell , when you do first clean your rifle and re try . If and when that does not work clean your mind and try . Do not forget the practical accuracy standard of rifle for war or big game tho . If it will shoot into 3" at 100 yards its accurate enough , that expands to 6" at 200 . and further expands to choose not to shoot beyond that range when its other than a paper target . It will come slow , better your technique untill your rifle wont shoot better .. then better your rifle or sights . If you miss some time shooting learned skills wont disappear tho it may well take a few rounds to come back to your former high . In fact a lot of rounds if your high is tight . However i have not shot 100 rounds of any center fire rifle in the last 2 years ( ar playing excepted ) and yesterday offhand squarely hit a 5 gallon bucket at 1/4 mile or just a bit over with the first shot off hand ( cal .308 not a special rifle , but one i had shot before ) . Nothing to brag on , but shows that skills learned are skills retained on some level .

    Be well have fun , and be prepaired to be frustrated lol .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    try quality ammo, clean gun, use a rest, make sure your barrel isn't too thin and make sure the gun is decent.

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