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    How many rounds constitute "a few"?
    Well, I didn't use the term "a few", I said "occasional" or "in moderation", but I would say that 2 speedloaders (10 rounds for the J frame), would constitute "a few".

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    From a S&W manual

    “Plus-P” (+P) ammunition generates pressures in excess of the
    pressures associated with standard ammunition. Such pressures
    may affect the wear characteristics or exceed the margin
    of safety built into some revolvers and could therefore be DANGEROUS.
    This ammunition should not be used in Smith &
    Wesson medium (K frame) revolvers manufactured prior to 1958.
    Such pre-1958 medium (K-frame) revolvers can be identified by
    the absence of a model number stamped inside the yoke cut of
    the frame. (i.e., the area of the frame exposed when the cylinder
    is in the open position.

    Found here:

    There weren't different manuals for different sized pistols so either there is no difference (except size) or S&W is a bit lax on the website info.

    I have + P 's in it since my wife has it around the house for SD. I've shot maybe a 20 rounds of + P 's but normally just standard stuff at the range.
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    I believed in +P in the past; but, I've come to realize that if +p is nec, get a bigger caliber, with the execption of .38spl+p in a .357.

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    I appreciate all the replys and opinions. My main reason in using the 38spl JHP+P ammo was because of the JHP and not the +P extra pressure. I have been concerned with my .357 magnum as far as bullets going thru my walls and toward the neighbors. I know that the 38 spl is much slower especially with the short barrel, but I would like my shots to not go thru what I am shooting if possible.....thus the desire for hollow points.
    I think I will use the 38spl JHP +P in my .357 for home defense and see if I can get some of the regular 38spl JHPs for my old model 36.
    I do expect that I could fire quite a bit of the +P ammo in it, but I think I should take the conservative route.
    I appreciate all of your thoughts!

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