Mech Tech legal status

Mech Tech legal status

This is a discussion on Mech Tech legal status within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was recently looking at the Mech Tech website and got to thinking (dangerous habit if I may say so). I've seen several citations that ...

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Thread: Mech Tech legal status

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    Mech Tech legal status

    I was recently looking at the Mech Tech website and got to thinking (dangerous habit if I may say so).

    I've seen several citations that it is in some way illegal to turn a rifle into a pistol. Is this true, and what are the provisions of this law?

    The Mech Tech product turns a pistol into a rifle; I've never heard anyone say this was illegal.

    What happens if after you've turned your pistol into a rifle, you want it to be a pistol again?

    I'm probably just over-thinking because the federal government and ATF would never create senseless and confusing laws </sarcasm>.
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    No issues. As long as it has 1) a barrel of at least 16", and 2)an OAL of at least 26", it will not be a Short Barrelled Rifle (SBR).

    You can't slap a stock on a Glock or 1911 (without the SBR tag)because of #s 1 & 2.

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    A pistol cannot be a rifle , and a rifle cannot be a pistol , and a machine gun cannot be a sporting rifle . Its all about werid atf rules and what the reciever was origionaly built for. As a short note dont put a front grip on a pistol , and dont put less than a 16" barrel on a rifle , or less than 18" barrel on a shotty . If you do any of the above you are a felon . Look at the current crop of ar and ak " pistols " they are all clearly marked something to the effect of " Pistol only " in plain english if assembled as a pistol . You cannot take that lower and make a rifle out of it , nor can you take a rifle lower and make a pistol . You cannot put a common vertical foregrip on your ar pistol without either getting prior approval or being a felon . Its weird stuff , the gun laws , and there are no shortcuts , research , research , research . some states i cannot even send mag's for i have no use for to , but if i break them down i can send all the components as " replacements ' legally . I just stay away from all that crap , i love my fals and ars but anyone in any state with restrictions cannot buy guns or parts from me . I just wont take the responsibility to know everyones state law so my high cap , ect is ftf sales and trades .
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