Now THIS is a scarey thought

Now THIS is a scarey thought

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Thread: Now THIS is a scarey thought

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    Now THIS is a scarey thought

    What a scarey thing this is. I had heard of this a while back about S&W. Anyone else have any info on it?


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    I don't have any new information on this, but wanted to comment on "smart guns" and the New Jersey legislature's rush to pass legislation mandating something before it even exists.

    I view "smart guns" as a flank attack by anti gun types to gradually render existing guns illegal and replace them with "smart guns" that the government will be able to turn off at will. The antis know they can't win a direct assault on the Second Amendment and the banning of all guns outright. They don't have the political support for this.

    So they have turned to a more subtle strategy of gradually eliminating existing "dumb" guns and replacing them with controllable guns. Although the smart gun will presumably only be usable by the registered owner, does anyone doubt that an electronic control that allows the gun to be turned on and off would eventually be under the control of the government? In the event of some emergency or revolution, the government would simply turn off all civilian owned guns, rendering them useless.

    This is disarmament in slow motion.

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    the " smart gun " crap has been around for a while . IMHO only a few states will even look into it , much less try and mandate it . Its a bliss ninny dream that is easily countered .
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    yep, if the anti's can't distort the meaning of the 2A into excluding private citizens directly, and can't declare us all insane / mentally defective / felons, they'll mandate that all our guns turn themselves off when they're most needed.
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    IIRC Taurus got a 4 mill deal to develop a smart gun during the Clinton Years... They "couldn't develp it" AFAIK
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