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Quality of guns sold by Wal Mart ?

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Thread: Quality of guns sold by Wal Mart ?

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    Talked to a friend who was a gun smith a few weeks back. Perhaps Walmart has some promo grade occasionally as well. He complained very much that the machine work inside some of the Walmart guns (was complaining about a bolt action rifle) he had worked on was vastly inferior. He also pointed out on one Walmart model (I forget which pump action shotgun) even the repair parts were different than the standard version.

    That said, in the past the small town wallmart's could also order off catalog, so perhaps it is a gun by gun issue.

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    In the last couple of years, I have bought a Mossy 500, 2 Maverick 88s, and an NEA single bbl 20 gauge at Wally. They are no different than the same models sold at other stores.

    If a certain gun at WalMart is lacking in some feature that that gun usually has at other places, then it is actually a different model and the price reflects that.

    If you want fancy or pretty, go elsewhere, but I know that the Mossy and Mavericks will pattern as well as any gun out there, and I bet that Wally Marlin will shoot as well as any other Marlin.
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    After reading all of these posts, (BTW-thanks for your input) plus some other posts on other forums, plus searching online, I'm about to come to the conclusion that WM gun quality is normal, but can sometimes be mixed. I didn't phone any gun mfgs, or WM and inquire, I know better than that

    1. I do believe in supporting local gun shops, and I try to do that. In fact I've never bought a gun from WM.

    2. I very much accept what so many have said about buying a WM gun and that it is exactly the same quality as the same gun from an independent gun shop. That is likely the norm in the majority of WM gun sales.

    3. I'm tending to believe that WM may at times be the "repository" for guns that may have dings, blemishes, fit & finish problems, etc and couldn't/didn't quite pass mfg Quality Control inspection. Safe guns, but cosmetic issues. So these marginal quality guns might get dumped in some WM stores by the mfg from time to time. Just a theory on my part, I've got first-hand mfg experience in that happening, but not in a gun-related issue.

    4. There may not be specifically designed cheap "WM special" gun, in fact it might be a myth. However I think it would be possible to mfg a safe, yet cheaply made gun, mostly affecting subtle cosmetics. For instance, a cheaper wooden/composite stock, clunky sights, cheap bluing/stain/varnish/finish.

    5. I would consider buying a gun from WM, I probably would scrutinize it closer than normal though. Nothing like a dose of "caveat emptor".
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    I really think if you are comparing the same model you will not have any issues. Now if you see a gun that looks the same but has a different model number you might find some differences.
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