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Thread: Walther PPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    Walther was smart to develop a polymer 9mm single stack CCW gun in the new PPS. I think it will give the popular Kahr P9 a run for the money.
    Hopefully, this will light a fire under Glock's butt and get rolling on a similar project. The PM9 is a wonderfully slim and small niner that doesn't break the bank like the Rorbaugh R9 would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    I recently bought a PF-9 (my first foray into the teeny-tiny pistol world), but was seriously considering the PPS. It really seems to be an excellent combination of power, capacity, concealability, controllability, and so on. Once all the bugs have been worked out and the platform has more "field time" logged, I will probably end up with one...
    How's that PF-9? Over at the KTOG forum, they've been reporting many, many problems and failures. Seems the thing to look out for in the latest models is the dreaded "walking ejector pin". It seems the frame is too thin to hold the roll pin in which secures the ejector. In fact, if you look at that site overall, most all of the KT pistols are basket cases. The new 2nd gen P3ATs are peening so badly in the guide rod hole area of the slide that the recoil springs are popping out the front! Also, with the PF9, KT didn't learn from their mistake of using a plastic mag catch which interfaces with a sharp steel magazine tube, which results in the mags being waaaaay to easy to drop or get popped loose in a pocket. Watch this in your PF9 because it happened to my P3ATs. Luckily, there's a guy on the KTOG forum that sells metal mag catch replacements. I have them and they work very well and I can now slam the mags home, like any other pistol, and not have to worry about pushing the catch in first to insert/remove and shaving off a thin layer of plastic each time.

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    With the walther name it should be a given that it is a fine firearm , unfortunately this has not proven to be the case . While i am sure the customer service will address the issues ,and walther will fix any issues in design , for now , I will keep my kahrs which for me run all the time .
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    Quote Originally Posted by covertfolder View Post
    How's that PF-9?
    I was only able to put 200 rds of WWB and 50 124gr Hydra-Shok through it before I had to return overseas, so I can't comment on it's durability. I had no problems with it during those 250rds - no failures of any kind. The design of the mag well was such that the mags were sometimes difficult to insert - I suspect they may have been getting caught on the mag release as you've described. Trigger is tolerable. Racking the slide can be difficult for folks with small/weak hands. Accuracy was plenty acceptable. NOT fun to shoot all day - my hands were tired and sore after those 250.

    It was bought for a female who is relatively new to handguns, and she hates it. The recoil is painful to her, and she has a heck of a time manipulating the slide. Both of these can be mitigated/overcome with experience, but she now has a Sig P230 which she loves and will practice with, and I will use the PF-9 as a BUG/deep concealment piece. I really like the little bugger, for what it is, and plan to keep it.

    Not that that was off-topic at all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    I'm so trying to justify in my mind and pocketbook getting one of these....I have a few Walthers and two Kahr 9mm's so it's hard too...but I so want one!
    Do what I do....Just grit your teeth and buy the damned thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    Do what I do....Just grit your teeth and buy the damned thing.
    ...problem is, I've been doing that too many times!
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