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This is a discussion on Another AWB poll to hit within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by srfl Interesting....I never knew criminals to have any regard for police to begin with..... Agreed...that line of reasoning struck me as a ...

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Thread: Another AWB poll to hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    Interesting....I never knew criminals to have any regard for police to begin with.....
    Agreed...that line of reasoning struck me as a little odd, too. I would think most criminals have little regard for anything other than themselves. As Sanford Strong said, "You're not different, you're not special to them; you're just next, nothing more."

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    Police Chief pushing for another AWB ? What's with these types anyway ? Are they seeking further higher office or are they under the dillussion that these bans on magazine fed rifles and high capacity pistol mags are going to take the scum bags out of the firearms business ?

    It's been brought to my attention that these types are either undereducated about the reality of so called "Assualt Weapons" or simply refuse to listen to rationality on the subject. Their refusal is much like the Global Warming issue. Once they've made up their mind what is true, then no science or hard statistics are going to change their minds.

    Much like looking the other way when your child is suddently hanging out with the wrong crowd. What they don't see can't really be true.

    Geeez, who'da thunk it huh ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob99VMI04 View Post
    I voted its interesting to find out that those officer killings probably don't involve AWs infact those 3 cops in TX were killed with a shotgun.
    Logic and reason are not impediments to the agenda of idiot anti-gunners.

    That article was full of nonsense, to be frank.

    Nearly as striking, says Texas Ranger Capt. Barry Caver, was the "matter-of-fact" manner of the 59-year-old suspect who, before he was carted to jail, demanded that officers retrieve his glasses.

    "I told him he didn't need any glasses where he was going," Caver says.
    I understand the stress Capt. Caver was under after this incident, but that doesn't make him right for doing that. The article doesn't say whether the suspect was given his glasses.

    Their deaths are part of a rising number of fatal police shootings across the nation that have led police officials and law enforcement analysts to suggest that an increasing number of suspects are adopting a troubling disregard for cops.
    Well, cops and ordinary people... but yeah, it does indeed seem that way. It doesn't help that gangsta rap has been extolling just that sort of attitude for two decades now. What do you think we're reaping as a result?

    "There is a basic lack of respect for authority," says Caver, who is overseeing the Odessa investigation and has noticed a significant shift in attitudes in other Texas cities. "Lately, it seems like there is a brutality and a willingness to cross a line, to take a life, even if it is a police officer. The capacity is growing, and it is disturbing."
    Well, we goodguys have to have an equal (or greater) willingness to be brutal right back, and fight until we vanquish this kind of culture.

    You sure as are not going to beat them by playing nice.

    The escalating brutality has driven many police agencies, including Miami and the Orange County, Fla., sheriff's department, to provide more powerful guns to patrol officers, including military-style assault weapons. Others are moving toward updated communications systems to offer more information about potential suspects. The nation's largest association of police chiefs is urging Congress to enact a new ban on assault weapons such as some types of AK-47s.
    Ahh, yes, gun control to the rescue!

    In addition to pushing for a new ban on assault weapons, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) wants a ban on high-caliber sniper rifles and armor-piercing handgun ammunition.
    First of all, the general public already cannot buy "armor-piercing handgun ammunition."

    Second, if you use the correct terminology, "high-caliber sniper rifles" are simply HUNTING RIFLES. How can you ban the former without banning the latter?

    At least one-third of the 60 victims this year were shot in the neck or head, including Clay City (Ky.) Police Chief Randy Lacy, who was killed June 13 by a drunken-driving suspect. The location of the wounds, some police officials say, could suggest the suspects had lethal intent because many officers wear body armor that better protects their torsos.
    Um, are they serious? They're actually saying that shooting for the head indicates lethal intent... as opposed to just saying that "SHOOTING" indicates lethal intent!

    I suppose that if a badguy shoots a cop in the chest, he can go into court and argue that it was not attempted murder because everyone knows it's only lethal intent if you shoot for the HEAD...

    Besides the criminal investigation, Odessa Police Chief Christopher Pipes says, the case will be reviewed to determine whether the officers should have handled the situation differently. So far, Pipes and Caver say, the evidence suggests they acted appropriately.
    Um, HOW can it be said that they officers acted appropriately, if the actions they did take resulted in their DEATHS?

    Isn't that a bit like saying that the hammer is definitely the right tool for this job, and it's the screw's fault for not working right when I pound it into the wood?!

    I just don't see how a guy with a shotgun, even a semi-auto (if it was) can manage to shoot and kill not one but THREE cops in one incident (fatally!). For police chiefs to say that the cops did their stuff right is just lunacy, in the face of the eventual outcome.

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    cast my vote. something like 3k more reasonable people than the reactionaries.
    NRA, USPSA SS & Lim-10
    Blessed are they who, faced with danger, think only of the front sight. J. Cooper

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