Chastised at the range

Chastised at the range

This is a discussion on Chastised at the range within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just returned from the range after a nice practice session. My single hand shooting has improved significantly (Thanks, Brownie.) While I was leaving one ...

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Thread: Chastised at the range

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    Chastised at the range

    I just returned from the range after a nice practice session. My single hand shooting has improved significantly (Thanks, Brownie.)

    While I was leaving one of the range employees asked if he could have a word with me. I have been going to this range for almost six months and he was new to me. Perhaps that is because I usually practice on weekends. He told me that he saw me back away from the booth and point my revolver upwards as I released the spent brass. I am certain I did not leave the booth and I always release the cylinder and then tip the revolver skyward, though still downrange, to allow gravity to do its job.

    I politely thanked him and then he thanked me for thanking him. He explained that some people get irate and downright beligerent when they are advised of a safety procedure they violated. All the while I thought the guy was way off base with his criticism and that it was not surprising that others called him out with his warnngs and advice.

    I told him I would pay more attention next time and then I left. Now, it's time for some cleaning.

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    Sometimes newer range employees can be a little zealous in their observations of patrons and I think that's just fine. Sometimes, it can be a good thing as the older employees have seen SO MANY breeches of range etiquette that they kind of get complacent.

    Sometimes on ranges I'll step back because I don't want to be so close to the bench. I don't want to lean against it or let it get in the way of my mag changes. He would probably get on me for

    While I was working as range officer, I was completely okay with revo shooters pointing their muzzle up to eject brass. After all, the cylinder is open, the gun can't fire, and the muzzle is still in a safe direction.

    When they started waving it back and forth, we had a little chat.

    I actually never had anyone tell me that I was too strict or stringent. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. They probably went home and complained about me a few times, but that's to be expected when you are a range officer.

    Glad you had fun at the range though.

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    I've been yelled at for rapid fire practice.

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    No paying to shoot here. I feel bad for all you out there who have to pay range fees.
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    Wheelgun with the cylinder cracked open - tipped up to eject spent shell casings w/ the muzzle still in a safe direction.
    I would not have said anything.
    I never had a problem with any revolver as long as I saw the cylinder clear out of the revolver frame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    ... He told me that he saw me back away from the booth and point my revolver upwards as I released the spent brass. I am certain I did not leave the booth and I always release the cylinder and then tip the revolver skyward, though still downrange, to allow gravity to do its job.
    I shoot a revolver from time to time; practice, SD and competition. Finger leaves trigger/trigger guard. I release the cylinder with my right thumb (strong hand) while using the 2nd and 3rd fingers and thumb of my left hand to swing the cylinder out. Other weak-hand fingers and palm support the gun; strong hand releases grip. The muzzle comes up almost vertical when I mash the ejector rod with the fatty part of my strong palm. Empties fly free. There is some gravity assist.

    A simple twist of the left hand wrist, the muzzle goes back down range and it's ready to reload. Fingers and thumb of weak hand ready to wiggle cylinder as the right loads cartridges--single, from strip or speed-loader.

    This is the 'standard' NRA teaching, standard range procedure most everywhere pistol is taught and preferred competition methodology. Note: Once the cylinder is released and swung-out, the trigger cannot be activated (not that it matters except as a timing problem). Also the trigger finger should have left the guard well before the cylinder was released and doesn't return until the sights are aligned with a suitable target. The muzzle does come up rather high, but...

    I don't shoot at a range with a booth, so stepping out may be the safety infraction; otherwise that RO needs a refresher on revolver technique.

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    I agree with jfdavis58

    Is it possible you elevated the muzzle before opening the cylinder? I doubt it. The guy probably just didn't know what he was talking about and likes to tell people what to do.


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    Perhaps you did make a safety infraction without knowing you did. Sometimes people do this, and it takes someone to point it out.

    I'm not saying this is the case its just something to think about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesnofoa View Post
    I've been yelled at for rapid fire practice.
    I have too. I had one last mag full and I went for a little speed. i wasn't even going as fast as I could either and still i got the talk. I have never been back there. I have also heard people saying that they have been asked to stop shooting larger calibres as they are scaring the other shooters with the noise. and that from a range that advertises that they can handle anything up to .50 cal.

    last I heard they only have 20 guns in the cases and have more employees than customers. wonder why.

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    Safety is paramount.

    That said, you folks that shoot at controlled ranges are to be commended for your dedication to the shooting sports. I love formal competition and can abide a strict firing line, believing in safe handling of firearms; but if I had to do my recreational shooting at controlled ranges I'd find another hobby. It's shameful not to be dedicated but I'd feel too hampered and stymied to enjoy myself.

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    "Chastised" or merely reminded of safety, from the vantage point of the R.O.? Ditto: safety's always worth being reminded of, worth folks taking extra time to ensure, and worth a little bit of "grin and bear it" in cases where we're not all that sure the person pointing out the issue has a leg to stand on.

    The point is, it's the rare person in shooting sports that harangues about safety to control anyone, per se. Rather, safety points applicable at a given range are there for everyone's benefit because some wounds cannot be taken back.

    Some have mentioned rapid-fire shooting. At my range (a pretty large one, outdoors), rapid-fire is verboten on the short rifle range and is only okay on the "action" range. I'm pretty certain is has to do with the design of each range, in terms of what obstructions exist that could cause dangerous ricochets, yet there are always folks grousing about the "silly limitation." Limitations, policies and range rules are there for a reason, though we might not appreciate it at the time.

    Anyway. It is what it is. Safety first. If truly non-sensical, I might ask for clarification as to purpose, but it's usually not worth getting bent over.
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    Range safety vs Specific rules

    I have no problem being reminded of range rules, providing it's done respectfully. Each range seems to have it's own personality, and it's own quirks if you will.

    When I go to a new range I actually do read all the rules, and do my best to follow them.

    We were at an indoor range once and my wife passed me her firearm with the magazine out, and the slide locked back. I took the firearm and told her that they didn't want her to do it that way. They wanted her to put it in the case, and pass the whole case around the lane wall. She shrugged and said OK. That should have been the end of it.

    A rangmaster showed up, made us stop shooting (we hadn't actually started) and berated us for about 3 minutes in a loud commanding voice and kept threatening to expel us from the range. I thought that was a little over the top. We didn't really know what to think and he never gave me the chance to tell him I already handled it.

    If he was close enough to see her pass the firearm to me, the he was close enough to see the slide locked back, and the second pass of the magazine. He was most likely close enough to hear me tell her not to do it that way and see me point and the case.

    We haven't been back since. Had the guy just said something politely I wouldn't have taken any offense at all, although what she did was totally safe it did violate their rules so I would not have been upset for the reminder. I saw no cause for the loud lecture, and the threats to expel us from the range.
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    With the purchase of my wife's XDSC she got 1 hour range visit with instruction for free. The lane she chose had not 1 but 2 bullet holes. One in the bench and one in the partition wall ......guess who the instructor told her was responsible....

    Two different city cops that were doing their manditory yearly gun qualifying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    No paying to shoot here. I feel bad for all you out there who have to pay range fees.
    Yea there is nothing like shooting on your own property Rocky. That way you can make the rules. But the Gov. range by me isn't so bad. The rules are strict but that is for our safty. And as price goes, you can not beat it. $3 an hour and you can have 2 in the booth. And if you need targets they'll supply them also. Not a bad deal.

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    I usually get reprimanded for rapid fire, but I say its 'sustained controlled fire"

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