Would you ever buy a gun you'll never fire?

Would you ever buy a gun you'll never fire?

This is a discussion on Would you ever buy a gun you'll never fire? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just wondering if anyone would buy a firearm that they would never fire. One that firing it would decrease its value significantly. I see all ...

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Thread: Would you ever buy a gun you'll never fire?

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    Question Would you ever buy a gun you'll never fire?

    Just wondering if anyone would buy a firearm that they would never fire. One that firing it would decrease its value significantly.
    I see all the NRA type comemorative guns like Elvis 45, iwo Jima M1, John Wayne lever action and was wondering if I would buy it and not be temped to fire it. What gun's do you have that you don't fire?
    Personally I would love to own all these guns but I can't afford them and If I could I would buy the plain Jane version to fire along with a comemorative model.

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    I have two that I don't fire

    At one time I collected Colt Gold Cups and bought a couple of them that were unusual variations in an unfired condition. I have kept them unfired in my safe, as I have other well-used Gold Cups for shooting at the range. The two are a Series 70 with factory nickel finish and a Series 80 Elite two-tone model in .38 Super caliber.

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    Since I don't have a bunch of spare loot for investment guns, no.
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    I don't think I can. I'm probably too utilitarian; if I buy a gun, it's got a purpose. The ol' Mauser is to help learn general marksmanship with larger calibers and iron sights. The Rugers (both .22, one pistol and one 10/22) are for general marksmanship practices. As a family we don't have any guns we don't also have ammo for, you know?


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    All mine are working guns.

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    Can't afford it .

    And it would KILL ME to have a gun I couldn't shoot.
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    Your talking Safe Queens sure i got a couple

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    Can't afford it yet, don't expect to ever be able to. That being said, if I could, sure, why not? Its a gun....where could you go wrong?


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    No, not really, I like using my all of my guns way too much.
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    I've bought a few, and had a few handed down to me that I refuse to fire. Those are all NIB/unfired, and will remain that way. To me, there are shooters and keepers. I get just as much enjoyment from a safe queen as a shooter.

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    I don't think so. If I could afford to buy a really expensive collectors' gun, say the one that killed President Lincoln, I'm pretty sure I'd go watermelon hunting with it at least a few times.
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    Sure, pistols and a rifle.
    Nothing outragously expensive though.
    The rifle is only a Ruger 10/22 Stainless Steel International with a Laminated Mannlicher Stock. Pretty little thing.
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    All my guns are functional tools...not decorative items

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    I have a bunch I haven't shot in a while, BUT ALL have been fired!
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    I only have one I never will shoot. Its an investment.
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