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Beating a dead horse? or Should College be banned?

This is a discussion on Beating a dead horse? or Should College be banned? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm a 22 year old college gun owner, and I certainly don't engage in those types of activities. In fact I do everything I can ...

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Thread: Beating a dead horse? or Should College be banned?

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    I'm a 22 year old college gun owner, and I certainly don't engage in those types of activities. In fact I do everything I can to avoid them, but we all know how the anti-gun folks are, using scare tactics, and feelings to push their agenda. I guess the Brady Campaign thinks there is no other way to commit suicide other than by using a firearm.
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    Heh. I'm 20 and a student, and a gun-owner, and a "sobriety nut" (don't drink, smoke, or do any sort of drug). I would love to see the statistics to back that up, since right now I'm looking at statistics that contradict the Brady Campaign's statement.


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    i believe that we need to discern the students who are there to learn and the students who's parents are banking their college drug habits
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    So, as a gun owning college student.....

    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    not saying that having you kids pay for college is a bad thing.
    but my dad is paying for mine. and believe me. i work my butt off and get almost all As. I work as hard as I can and am graduating a year early because he is paying for me to be here.
    I am sooo thankful that I will not start my working career in a bunch of dept and if i have kids that want to go to college, i will gladly pay for it (with stringent conditions of course. i will not pay for my kid to drink and slack off). just my 2 cents
    How many of these do you fall under? (just kidding ) "college gun owners are more likely than other students to binge drink, need a drink first thing in the morning, use cocaine or crack, be arrested for a DUI, vandalize property, and get in trouble with the police."

    I agree with you on the above but hey try to keep that drug, alcohol and vandalizim down to a mild roar would you please.

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    If I may draw a correlary from my own college days back in the dark ages. A significant proportion of students at that time were returning Vets from the Vietnam War in school on the GI bill. Aren't there a similar proportion of Vets now from the sandbox? Seems to me we trusted them with guns in some hairy enough situations, no less English Composition. BTW, the dorm supervisor at my school had a gun safe in his room where we cached all our target guns, not saying any concealable.
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