Another bump in the night story

Another bump in the night story

This is a discussion on Another bump in the night story within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This happened a week or two back when we got all that wind and rain. Well everyone had gone to bed, and I was just ...

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Thread: Another bump in the night story

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    Another bump in the night story

    This happened a week or two back when we got all that wind and rain. Well everyone had gone to bed, and I was just about out when I heard shattering glass. My wife and I immediately woke up, and without thinking I grab my Glock on the night stand and hop out of bed thinking someone is breaking in. I pop the lights on in each room as I make my way thru the house with my Glock in the down ready position. Well I get to the room where there is shattered glass all over the floor on the other side of the room, I do a quick sweep of the room. (the light from the previous room illuminates the living room well) I didn't flip the light on in order to see out the window and what might have broken it. After determining no one was in the house, I discovered because of the high wind, a branch had snapped. Because of the power line that was there it snagged it and swung around to break the window. My heart was pounding. Luckily the power line held up, no one was breaking in and it was only the small section of the window which I put a bag on for the night and was able to fix the next day.

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    Glad it wasnt a big deal, but it still gets your blood flowing at the time.

    That reminds of a story I had while at work last winter. There was a nasty ice storm that night. We got a burglary in progress in a very nice older neighborhood. So, we went to the address given... the homeowner gave us permission to force entry because they were to scared to leave the bedroom to come down and unlock the door. They were positive that someone was in their home, and only two people lived there- both of them were in the bedroom.

    Before we did that though, I walked around the house to see if I could find where the BG had entered... Well, There's your problem! I thought. A large tree branch had crashed through the roof and was resting in the upstairs hallway.

    So we called the house and told the homeowners to come on out, no BG's were there to get them. Out of the bedroom and down came two rather large men. One was wearing a pink bathrobe... they were enjoying a alternate lifestyle. Talk about awkward.
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    Awkward? Just don't turn your backside to em..LOL...I can see where you could be made to feel a little uncomfortable in situations like that. When I was a parmedic (a long time ago) I too was confronted with similar contacts.
    A "bump" in the night, especially when you come from a deep sleep, is rather nerve racking when all of your scenses are not turn on or turned up fully.

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