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New Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge / New Ruger SP101 .327 Fed Magnum : MERGED

This is a discussion on New Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge / New Ruger SP101 .327 Fed Magnum : MERGED within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; hmm... so many new calibers coming out but I left wondering why I'd need anything more than a 12 gauge pump, M1a1 308 and Glock ...

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Thread: New Federal .327 Magnum Cartridge / New Ruger SP101 .327 Fed Magnum : MERGED

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    so many new calibers coming out but I left wondering why I'd need anything more than a 12 gauge pump, M1a1 308 and Glock 10mm?
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    The market will decide if the .327 Mag is a viable contender in the compact SD revolver arena. It always does. A LOT of shooters dismissed the .40 S&W as an answer to an unasked question when it was introduced. There were some very convincing arguments made to support that idea. Some shooters STILL feel that way. But NONE of those convincing arguments kept the .40 S&W from become overwhelmingly popular in CCW & LE circles because it simply worked. If the effectiveness (one shot stop statisitcs) PROVE the .327 mag really IS "twice as effective" as the .38 spl +P then (with the addition of an extra shot in the cylinder) there is a long & successful career ahead for this new caliber. But if it's just another example of "the next big thing"'ll go the way of 8 Track tapes & Beta Max video recorders. Only time will tell.
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    When S&W comes out with their version in this cartridge, I'll buy one. (I dislike Ruger for the politics, not their guns.).

    But as far as the cartridge goes, and from what I have seen and read of it ... it'll be a winner.

    I went to the Shot Show again this year and it was the big talk there.

    Also, saw the special they did on it on Shooting USA.

    Read the couple of articles popping up here and there from AR, et al.

    All the ballistics appear to support the idea that it is nearly equal to .357 Mag, yet in a smaller (sic: higher capacity), less-felt-recoil package. (Rumor has it that S&W is working on 7 & 8 shot models.)

    S&W will no doubt offer a ligher version, 627, 642 type platform for the new cartridge that will truly highlight its potential-upside when it comes to carrying.

    I know the wife is already hot about the idea. She's been on the local gunshop owner to give her all the information that I have been unable to provide to her satisfaction. And therein lies the potential really-big upside. If this turns out to be something the women perceive as "their magnum" ... well, that would be really good for all of us because the more women we motivate to come into our realm, the better off we will all be in the long run for a multitude of reasons imho.

    I like it. I also like the fact that you can also fire 32 H&R Magnum in the weapon, or is that 32 S&W Long? Not sure, can't remember at the moment. Someone set me straight on that please. (Anyway, I like guns that fire mulitple cartridges: 38/357 Mag, 44Sp/44 Mag, "The Judge" 45LC/410, "The 460 XVR" 45LC/454 Casull/460 S&W Mag, etc.).
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    It has promise, but I think I will hang on to SP101 .357 magnum 3" for it is in a proven caliber in my book.

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    An answer in search of a question....
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    If it DOESN'T catch on and ammo is hard to get will it have any "collector value" or just be a unique but expensive paperweight? At $500 I can't justify being a guinea pig just yet.

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    I want a 342PD in this caliber 6 shots.

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    I reviewed my posting in this thread. I have changed my mind.
    Maybe it is an answer to a question not asked; but, it is a good answer. And 4 rnds of different power & recoil levels makes the utility
    of the handgun very good, from new shooter to old hand using the same package.

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