Guns and rain

Guns and rain

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Thread: Guns and rain

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    Guns and rain

    I'm new to concealed carry and ride my bike frequently, sometimes in the rain. How important is it to ensure that my gun (S&W 640 revolver) stays dry? Certainly I want to keep it as dry as I can, but what if I'm caught outside when it starts raining? What if my gun is in my pocket and some water soaks through or a little rain falls into my pocket directly onto my gun? I assume I would need to dry off and clean my gun as soon as I got home in this situation. Worst case, what if I have to bike in the pouring rain to a grocery store, for example, and I wouldn't be able to dry off and clean my gun until I finish shopping and make it home? For that matter, what if I need to use my gun while it's raining? Can I rely on my gun to fire five rounds (its full capacity) during a heavy rain?

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    Can I rely on my gun to fire five rounds (its full capacity) during a heavy rain?
    Yes. Ammuniton is fairly waterproof as long as you dont let it soak.

    If you are worried about the finish rusting before you get it home, use a good paste wax and wax the whole gun. That'll prevent it from rusting. The biggest thing is to not leave it in a wet holster for any amount of time. Dry off the gun, and let the holster dry out before inserting the gun in it.
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    Carry a plastic bag and bag it when the rain starts.
    If it gets soaking wet, strip it down as much as you feel comfortable
    dry it with a hair dryer on low heat, then spray it down with break free, drain and dry with a rag, dry again on low heat with the dryer.

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    Just clean it when you get home. Most guns won't rust up that fast. I spent 6 hours wet driving home after getting soaked. MY 1911 showed a small amount of rust(blued finish), but it wiped clean and new fast enough.
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    I have had my Glock get wet numerous times....nope, no rust! :)
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    I don't take any special precautions. I can show you a shotgun I have hunted ducks with for over 40 years, always around water and often in the rain. Just clean it, dry it, and oil it when you get home.
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    Wear rain gear. I keep a GI poncho in my truck and use it when necessary.
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    I go shooting in the rain and never worry about it. Learn how to disassemble your pistol, and clean it when you get home. Ammo is pretty resistant to water, but if you have your doubts, which is ok, change it out and use the stuff that got wet at the range.
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    yea i would make sure that you give it a good drying off and cleaning when you get home. other than that dont worry about it

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    Only time we ever stopped a USPSA competition for rain was when the targets were melting. Go home, clean, CLP of your choice, and go do it again.
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