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Synthetic Grease

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Thread: Synthetic Grease

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    Synthetic Grease

    Is this junk safe to use on a pistol? Can I use is on parts that are not normally taken out for a field strip (safety, hammer, etc)?

    I've been thinking it would hold up better then oil since its more of a gel then a liquid.
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    I use Amsoil high temp wheel bearing grease....
    That's because the tube was given to me, I have used "red and tacky" from Lucas with no problems in classes....
    I run this in GLOCK's, AR's, AK's, M1A's, Sigs and a S&W 4586 (similar to your 5906)....
    All have run fine, even in "cold" weather....
    I havent tried it in 1911's, or bolt guns, so I cant speak to those platforms....
    Also, this type of lube will last a long time, so it's good for sharing....

    If you have questions regarding lube, take selected lube to range and run the gun hard, that will tell the tale....
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    If the package says that it is for use on firearms, then the answer is yes. I know that many people use automobile products on their guns, and do so successfully, but I take a more conservative approach: Buy and use products designed for the care of firearms only. A synthetic product such as Militec-1 grease is a good choice. Use it sparingly. I have clogged up more than one pistol by getting a little too happy with the grease. A little goes a long way. And, yes, if you detail strip a pistol, a dab of synthetic grease on trigger parts helps to keep things slick and running smoothly.

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    Tetra grease is recommended by Fulton Armory for use on their rifles. For parts where oil would go flying, use grease. For other parts, use oil. JMO


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    Great luck with this on both hard-use range rentals and my own CCW and sporting stuff.

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    yes you can all the guns stuff is just retagged other lubes and greases

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    Rifles and Shotguns run hotter - Sentry Solutions Hi Slip Grease

    Handguns - KleenBore or MIL-COMM - TW25B White Grease

    Wipe all down along with magazines - Sentry Solutions TUF Cloth or Marine TUF Cloth for protection of the elements, etc

    Inside the barrel a swab of oil - Hoppes

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    +1 on the AMSOIL been using it on high friction area's for quite a few years now with great results, riffle, pistol, N shotgun. The only down side is that it will collect dirt in sandy environments faster AKA the stuff will stick, on the plus side it will significantly reduce wear on load bearing surfaces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    Great luck with this on both hard-use range rentals and my own CCW and sporting stuff.

    Hey Ken,

    Is X1R still in business? I could have sworn there was a different company in their building on Fentress last time I was home (Biketoberfest).

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    If it's for guns, sure.
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    Both Miltec-1 and TW25b offer free samples. Both work well in that they stay put and don't migrate out of the weapon and on to your clothing. Be sure to only use a thin film of whatever you use.
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