Idiot mistake tonight

Idiot mistake tonight

This is a discussion on Idiot mistake tonight within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; After a tough day in the classroom trying to keep the kids focused before a week off for Thanksgiving I come home and get to ...

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Thread: Idiot mistake tonight

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    Idiot mistake tonight

    After a tough day in the classroom trying to keep the kids focused before a week off for Thanksgiving I come home and get to cleaning my guns after last night's range visit. Start with the 380, next is the XD40 and the last is my primary carry, the sp101. I go through my routine of bore cleaning, cylinder cleaning and oiling. After this is done I check with a good light source for any remaining residue and reload before placing it back in the holster which is on my belt. At the precise time I am ready to reload my mom calls on the phone and the conversation lasts about 10 minutes. I return to the kitchen table and place the gun in the holster. The wife comes home and says to take her to dinner and a movie. Like a good husband I comply.......not realizing that there is no ammo in my weapon When we get to the movies after dinner I go to adjust my weapon and suddenly my mind goes back to the cleaning session. I already know in the back of my mind what I am about to confirm. I was highly agitated that I was walking around with a firearm that could only be thrown at the bg to do any type of damage. Luckily my wife was carrying so that she could be my protection for the evening. Learned a valuable lesson..........

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    glad nothing went down for you to need it... lesson learned
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    Yikes, a close call! Of course, all's well that ends well, but a speed strip of ammo in your pocket or on your belt would have solved your problem and been mighty welcome at that point.
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    You know I read that and in the back of my mind a little voice is saying... "I wonder when you're gonna do that"?
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    Hey, at least it wasn't another "I had an unintentional discharge" thread.

    It's kinda funny though. I can't imagine why you had the firearm completley assembled and didn't notice a weight differential from loaded to unloaded. I can pick up any one of pistols and withsout removing the mag or clearing the weapon I can tell you if it's loaded or not just from the weight of the firearm. Of course I consider every pistol loaded until I confirm otherwise.

    On a rather humorus note I can add a story that is rather funny. One of my neighbors decided to purchase and automatic handgun, his first. He was a revolver guy up until at which time he decided to purchase and .45 ACP XD Springfield Armory. He had read the manual over and over and over. He had disasembled the weapon over and over and over till he new his XD inside and out. He had told me that he liked the idea of having a chamber indicator on the back of the slide. He would move his thumb up over the indicator and therefore the tactile feel of the indicator pin told him "chambered" or "unchambered" He is an engineer and he was amazed at this small but seemingly ingenious charachteristic to the weapon. He told me several times that he had wished he had gone to a semi auto handgun years ago.

    I had told him to purchase dummy rounds or use empty shell casings to utilize several dry firing exercises that I shared with him in casual conversation. He decided after reading one of Larry Vickers articles that dry firing was a necessary practice routine and that it was the most over looked use of practice in the steep incline to pistol proficiency and was a great subsitute for lack of ammunition and range availability.

    He used the dummy rounds apparently all the time. Often dry firing with the muzzle pointed to the brick wall of his fireplace with a B-27 Target taped over the stoke. Suddenly I get this call at 0230 am and it's him, he's gasping for air, cannot get a sentence out of his mouth to save his life and after he finally got calmed down he said "I shot the fireplace mantle" In my stuper I said "you shot the firemen from your mantle?" LOL.

    Yep he had loaed the XD with hollow points after dry firing the weapon several hundred times. He woke up and took the pistol in his hands and stood 5 feet from the mantle of his fireplace and thought he was dry firing the weapon and "BOOM" "shabang" The hollow point actually crushed on impact and bounced back onto the top of his foot. He said it was about as light as dropping a slug from your waiste to the top of your foot.

    He forgot his own rule. Swipe the back of the slide to see if it's loaded and then remove the mag and clear the chambered round. Of course he forgot to treat the weapon as if it's was loaded with live ammunition in the first place.

    I'm betting he won't ever depress that trigger again without clearing the weapon first or pulling the slide back to inspect for live round even if his chamber indicator tells him so.

    I'm also betting that you won't ever leave the house again without removing the mag and clearing the weapon and reloading to ensure your hot and ready for bad guys.
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    And in both cases valuable lesson were learned at little or no expense or injury. All in all, a good day!!
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    I was on duty once, working an extra detail at a college football game. I was assigned to be in the area under the stadium seating, so it was just a walking-around-checking-on-the-crowd etc duty. I think the game was in the first quarter or so, at the time I was carrying a S&W mod 19 and a thought suddenly "clicked" in my head that my gun was UNLOADED !!! Quickly, I found an "empty hot dog stand" and entered it with "official business", closed the door and checked my revolver......EMPTY. Well good for me (sarcastically written) at least I had plenty of extra cartridges on my gun belt.

    That's been too long ago and I don't exactly remember how I let that happen, but something at home distracted me, or broke my routine, which caused me to overlook loading my Smith.

    It never happened again, BTW I still have that Smith, it's about 30 years old now, and a great gun, I'd carry it concealed (somewhat big) or on duty in a heartbeat. Currently it serves as my wife's go-grab-gun if she's is home alone and needs a quick gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim the Teacher View Post
    ...not realizing that there is no ammo in my weapon

    One thing I maintain is two physically-distinct spots for dealing with the firearms. First, is the cleaning zone. Second is the ammo zone. I try never holster the carry gun without checking the magazine to ensure it's loaded. After cleaning, or at any time, the re-holstering routine is: eject the magazine; rack the gun; load a fresh magazine; rack the gun; holster the gun. This overall routine of cleaning, loading and holstering has, so far, saved me from loading up empty. May it always be so.
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    I've developed an almost obesssive compulsive habit of pulling the slide back just far enough to see a round and mag-checking EVERY TIME I HOLSTER. The XD has that loaded chamber indicator, but I check visually anyway (I did say obsessive compulsive, didn't I?). This obsession developed after walking around one day without one in the chamber. In the end, since end harm came, you just got a valuable lesson that you can never learn as well by reading a book that says "always check."

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    Yea,it's kinda like wondering if the lite in the fridge went out wwhen you closed the door....ya gotta look! Keep em loaded!

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    When I clean the weapon, the loaded mag is right there...the weapon cannot be put back together without adding the mag (racking could be optional, but that's a minor point)...the 'lead candies' are staying with the weapon!


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    A few points - first, I can see how you might not feel 5 rounds in an SP101; that's a (relatively) heavy gun and a (relatively) low number of rounds. Much easier to notice 15 or so rounds in a polymer framed semi-auto...

    Second, BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN OUR ROUTINES ARE INTERRUPTED! Part of my job entails investigating possible compromised of classified information, most of these occur when someone forgets to "spin off" the dial of their classified safe(s) or forgets to pull and secure the hard-drive from their class computer system. After many, many interviews with folks who have made these mistakes, I can come to one solid conclusion - they almost always happen when the person is interrupted while going through their "close of business" security checks. The phone rings, someone comes to their office, or whatever; their routine gets broken, and they forget a step in the process. Just a good reminded to STOP AND START OVER if you are interrupted during any important routine...the few seconds it takes are worth it!
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    I'm bad when my routine gets messed with too, and thats the exact reason I'm always saying to press check before you head out... always. It should be as automatic as locking the door behind you.

    Dont feel to bad, I think if we are all honest it has happened or will happen to everyone who has carried for any length of time.
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    I'll endorse that one for sure - way too easy to lose the ''flow'' of what is being done. Glad to say (as yet!) I have never been carrying an empty gun - other than on purpose during dry fire session. Certainly worth backtracking a step or two in an interrupted routine to pick up the slack and get to where we were heading initially.

    I think that placement of a(what we hope is loaded) gun in holster, should have the approach we should make crossing a roadway ........ look left, look right, look left again.

    Holster gun, remove and check - reholster. Easy to say of course but wise to do.
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    I have never left home with an unloaded gun, but I have picked up the wrong vest, and taken 1911 mags when I was carrying a Glock 23. The reload would have been embarrassing if I had encountered multiple BGs!
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