The Joys of Cultivating a New Shooter.

The Joys of Cultivating a New Shooter.

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Thread: The Joys of Cultivating a New Shooter.

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    Talking The Joys of Cultivating a New Shooter.

    So when we were apt. shopping in VA, I made it a point to ask the leasing agent about any policies regarding firearms, I hate to admit it, but I usually expect a weird look and some questions.

    However, at the place where we now currently reside, I got quite the opposite, the leasing agent was totally enthused about the possibility to go shooting as he has never shot a handgun before, but has been skeet shooting and got to play with a friends AK.

    Well yesterday we finally go around to inviting him out to the range for a bit of shooting. After a brief stop for lunch and a stop at Wal-mart to pick up some ammo we were on our way.

    Our "new" shooter was quite excited, even about picking up ammo. It's been a while since I've been around someone so new to pistol shooting and it was a great relief to see someone so excited about it without being overly stupid about it, we covered the 4 rules and range etiquette on the 1.5 hr drive to the range, and he picked up everything in a good manner.

    When we got to the range we started him off with the Browning .22 (at his request, I did not push the .22 on him) I covered the operation of the Browning, the location of the controls, and explained that the adj. sights were dialed in for me and not to be overly discouraged if the rounds didn't go where he wanted them to.

    I was a little surprised to see him start shooting half dollar sized groups at a little over 10 yds. He was a little low and left, but I think most of it was just that he was excited. I was VERY pleased that at all times he wasn't shooting, he was taking his finger off the trigger, and during reloading that he kept the muzzle down range as I had instructed him to do. After about 40 - 50 rounds of the .22 he was grouping well and handling the weapon in a proficient manner, so we moved him up to the Bersa .380 we had brought along.

    Again, we covered the operation and characteristics of the Bersa, had a brief lecture on trigger types, de-cockers and safeties, and overall differences in construction in different guns.

    This guy shot the Bersa better than I ever have, again at about 10 yds, he was grouping at around 2.5 - 3" still a little low and left, but we can work on that next time. In no time at all he was asking to move up, unfortunately the only 9mm we have currently is a HK P7 PSP, and as anyone who owns a P7 knows, the P7 is not what I would call an extended use range gun due to how quickly it heats up. We will be fixing that later, probably with adding a M&P to our lineup as we can change out the palm-swell to fit a wider variety of hands.

    So next up was my Colt 5" XSE, as in previous runs I covered the operation of the 1911 pattern pistol and "hung around" to make sure he got everything right, I think he limp wristed one shot, and was anticipating recoil for the first couple of shots, as his groups were opening up.

    After the first 3 mags, I went over stance a little more, made some corrections on his grip (high thumbs was not working well for him).

    After a little more instruction his groups were still a little open, but he was very consistent in his shot placement, keeping all his hits in the A zone of his "Q" target.

    All I can say is that is was very refreshing to see someone have that much fun while still keeping safe and handling his firearm correctly, don't get me wrong, I always have fun at the range, but this guy was like a kid on Christmas morning

    The ride back home consisted of a lot of questions, he learned pretty well about gun weight to caliber ratio, we covered the differences between FMJ and JHP, expansion, penetration, COST OF AMMO and focused on shot placement being the most important.

    He's thinking of getting an M&P 9mm for his first gun with a .22 pistol following soon after.

    Next time out were going to have to focus on trigger control and breathing a bit more, but overall I was very impressed with his results.

    It was a good day!

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    Good day indeed John - what a joy eh to find someone so enthusiastic and also so competant on the first outing.

    Reckon this will certainly be just the beginning for him and big plus to - to have a leasing agent like that

    Over time the few folks of his ilk that I have introduced and helped makes all the time and effort more than worthwhile.

    Good job ... another ''club member"!
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    Sounds like fun. About a year ago my brother, father and I took a kid from NY out to the range. He's my brother's girlfriend's brother and he had never shot a handgun before. Between the three of us we brought 12 guns to the range (everything from a Mark II .22 to a Smith .44 Magnum). He shot them all and loved every minute of it. He shot really well too, better than I expected. Now if his sister jokes about breaking up with my brother he gets very agitated and tells her she can't, who's he going to shoot with? Too funny.
    - Kurt
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    And JD did all the work. I just stayed in my lane shooting Wilson and the Browning (when our leasing agent decided he was done with it). This was JDs first time really "instructing" anyone in a civilian environment (no screaming obscenities and beating people with sticks allowed) and he did very well.

    This guy really was a natural shooter and is definitely looking forward to more range trips.

    Good job, honey!

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    I'm with you all the way, JD! haha People like that are one of the reasons I'll offer to take almost anyone I know to the range and give lessons. People who get geuinely excited about it and just flow with it... heh Kinda makes ya swell with pride. I've gotten these types three times and I've gotten my share of excited "I know what I'm doin'" guys. The ones you're writing about make it all worth it. I especially enjoy the bull session afterwards... Sittin back and seeing what they thought about the whole experience.

    Glad I'm not the only one out there who enjoys this.
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    Nothing reinforces your own knowledge like sharing it with others.
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    Great story!
    ...He suggested that "every American citizen" should own a rifle and train with it on firing ranges "at every courthouse." -Chesty Puller

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    It's always a great feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    And JD did all the work.
    Ahhhhhhh And now we know this is a typical marriage. The guy does all the work......

    Jokes aside, I am with SixBravo here. We all should make an atttempt to educate or enlighten the trusted ones around us. The more people we can bring over from the dark side, the more likely they are to join in a fight to defend our rights at the political level.
    Lex et Libertas — Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus, et Fidelis!

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    It sounds like another added to our ranks and you had a good time to boot! I'm always ready to share my knowledge with those who'd be interested, unfortunately, they're few and far between for me.

    I got into the hobby solo, my friends are neutral regarding firearms and 2A at best, so I always try to 'positively influence' without being overbearing.

    I'd LOVE the opportunity of taking a 'newbie' to the range and imparting the 4 rules, etc!
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    I took a father and son out shooting last weekend, they loved it and will get their licences, the son is a good shot. I let them try my Sig, CZ clone, 1911, M&P, a .22cal pistol and rifle.

    The .22 ammo was a bad batch that often failed to go off on the first strike, the scope on the 10/22 broke, the 1911 was cranky with the SWC I had for it and a reload jammed in the CZ clone which I know has a tight chamber and required dismantling to get the bullet out. I told them that they just saw a year's worth of problems in one afternoon, yet we all had a great time and two new shooters join the club!

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